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I am a professional hockey player looking for some advice on what to use for supplements during my summer training regimen. In the past I have used creatine and protein powders, but this summer I am looking to utilize every available legal option that I can. I would like someone to talk to about what is out there. My season is currently in the playoffs and it will be over anywhere from one to seven weeks from now. After that I enter an active recovery phase for 2 weeks then I start my training. I can provide more information if anyone gets back to me. I am currently 220lbs with 10% bodyfat and would like to gain 10-15lbs of functional muscle this summer. My primary goal is to improve my power, speed, and quickness, not to just look good. If there is anyone out there that can give me some advice, or if there is a trainer/advisor that I could hire to help me out, please email me and let me know. Thank you.

Hey, there, Hockeyplayer. I started out by listing two names and couldn’t stop. (grina)

The guys below are strength and conditioning coaches. Though not an all-inclusive list, they are contributors here on our board, so I’d recommend that you read some of their articles and see who you’re most philosophically in tune with and then drop them an email and have a discussion with them about your needs and goals:

  1. Chad Waterbury
  2. Christian Thibaudeau
  3. John Davies
  4. Charles Staley

Each of the guys above are spectacular and in a league of their own. They’re out-of-the-box kinda guys that get serious results. It just boils down to who you feel will do the best job for you. Research/reading is definitely in order. (grin)

Hey, T-Peeps, did I leave out anyone important in the area of strength & conditioning – specific to hockey?

She always has such great posts, doesn’t she. I don’t think she left anyone out either.
As far as supps go, I can really vouch for Tribex. Great stuff. I was making some nice gains before, about a pound of LBM per month with no increase in bf%.
I’ve been taking Tribex for two months and have been gaining a pound a week of LBM and losing fat. That is without altering my diet. I don’t know how long the gains will keep up like that, but it’s not too shabby.

4 sure look into all the guys TT stated, and above all make sure your diet is in line, Then move to supps…

The majority of your gains should be reachable through solid diet and a quality program specific to your goal/sport.

Good luck

One big omission:
Charles Poliquin, who has trained many NHL players, including Al McInnis

By professional I don’t know if you mean the minor or major leagues. If you are major league, you need to go to a respected coach, work 1 on 1 w/ them and have them draw up a complete plan for you. Don’t self-coach, too much at stake.

If you are minor league and have a shot at the big-time, same advice BUT if $ is a problem, I suggest 2 things: either sacrifice and work at a decent part-time job to be able to afford it (this may not be possible depending on which coach you use) OR simply sign up for a long-distance phone consultation package.

Good luck, and if you see Cam Neely tell him he was a true bad-ass!

Power Drive in-season
(for fastness)

Please pm a number to call you at or email me @ Staley would love to help you out-Julianne

Another BIG ommission … Coach to the fastest people in the world -

Charlie Francis

Has experience of Hockey, NFL and of course T&F


If you’re interested in talking nutrition and supplements, please give me an email at We’ll talk about ways to boost your training efficacy (and, of course, if you need some training discussion the people mentioned here are good OR I can help with this aspect as well).


Q.#1:What do you mean by “legal”? This is different to everyone. Your organization more than likely does not test for performance aids, so in this case pretty much everything is “legal” but then of course you can be breaking state and federal laws if they are illegal there.
Q.#2:Why is a professional athlete asking for advice on an open forum on the web? Don’t your coaches or teammates have any suggestions for you? Your coaches should be the first people you approach when making any changes to your program.