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Nutrition/Supplement Convenience

So, due to work, school, training, and social time, I feel proper cooking, eating, and supplementation sometimes gets neglected.

For instance, I’ll opt for the quick microwavable foods rather than the proper meals I should be eating. I also slowly fall behind on supplements due to odd intervals of running out/restock and such. Other times, I miss meals and/or pills.

I was looking at the Animal M Stack, and it definately sounds like the right product for me to stay supplemented hassle-free.

Anyone have any personal review on the product? The hGH content scares me a bit, but everything else looks solid. Anyone using another “bundle” product they would recommend over the M Stack?

This, coupled with a good whey protein should cover everything I take.

The cooking, well… Any hints/advice there for wholesome quick meals will aso be appreciated.


just cook in bulk. on sunday afternoon or eve, cook up a week or two’s worth of meals and store them in your freezer. you just have to plan ahead. it’s one of J. Berardi’s rules to plan ahead. if you don’t and you find yourself pressed for time or out of something, you’re more likely to make a convenient/bad meal choice or worse yet, skip a meal altogether.

think about the efforts you employ to get your ass in the gym when you need to and the hard work it takes. isn’t it worth a little planning ahead to make sure your meals are taken care of? to me it’s a no brainer.

Yeah, I agree 100% with you, thats why I am trying to solidify my meals and supplementation.

Having 30 minutes to spare a day in most cases… Sometimes it comes down to prioritizing. Work out? Eat right? Run to the store for more argenine first? I will always, always prioritize the gym above everything else when I have to. I just dont want to continue having to do so.

And yeah, planning ahead has been the key to so much of my personal success. This post is an extension of my wish to do things properly. Things just get too hectic sometimes, even with proper planning. Living in the middle of a major city can destroy plans with 1 stalled car.

Any word on M stack by chance? I have read some reviews that claim it is worth its weight in gold, but I trust you guys more than the consumer reviews. Is it the real deal?

I like the frozen food idea alot. I’ll start looking into creating a diet based on freezable foods.


I should mention that this a brand new schedule for me. I have been used to having plenty of time to get stuff rolling.

College has been a TREMENDOUS time sink for me, and adapting hasn’t been easy. It’s a miracle I am still maintaining my training schedule.

I tried the M stack a little over a year ago. I was not eating nearly enough calories per day, like 1200, stupid I know. I didnt feel much from it, although this might sound strange, I felt like while I was taking it my facial hair was growing faster and thicker.