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Nutrition Strategies to Improve your Game

I was approached a few months ago to give a presentation that would not only deal with the usual Nutritional approaches I make use of with my physique conscious clients, but also address a lot of issues that traditional athletes should keep in mind (I’ve been getting a lot more performance focused work lately). The location is a Long Island Performance Center where you can see many MLB, NBA, NFL, UFC and various College figures training on a daily basis, and it was quite a compliment when they reached out to me to see if I would be interested in coming down.

Thought I’d share on here in case anyone in the area has an interest in coming down.


<-- would totally attend if i wasnt a country apart. More power to you, Stu.

Great job. I’d attend but I’m in England.


Nice work…you need more time, I am sure one hour is not enough to dig into Stu’s head of knowledge.

That’s awesome Stu! I hope they pack that thing for you!

I’m on the other side of the country unfortunately…but I know people there and will be spreading the word for you.

Thanks guys. Yeah, I know an hour’s not much time, especially for the outline of material I’ve written up, but I think they’re viewing this as more of a informational seminar. I certainly can’t solve everyone specific issues in such a short time frame, but hopefully it will serve as a little PR not only for the Performance Center, but getting my name out there as well.

Last time I chatted with the Athletic Director he mentioned having me work with his “baseball guys” next season. As he has a fairly large stable of MLB athletes he works with, I see this as a very good thing indeed -lol.

Just hoping for a good turnout! :slight_smile:


Hey Stu, you ever think of adding a webinar portion for those to attend virtually? Might be able to squeeze some extra $ out of it and reach a broader audiance who otherwise couldnt attend.

FYI, business proposition. Take what you do with the presentation - ie bullet / talk points, add the details, maybe some on training naturally, prepping naturally for a show, throw it into an E-Book and charge $15.

You’ll make money, especially if you get some “friends” to advertise it. You can feel free to send me $1 for every copy sold for the idea, I’ll even proof read/edit it and buy the first copy. You’re welcome :P.

Edit: I am 100% serious about this by the way. I’ve seen at least 2-3 guys in the past 3 years take a non-existing business from their “gym” and make money out of selling e-books and running a forum. That’s it. For you, it won’t become a business, but it will become supplemental income - and who doesn’t want it in this day and age.

Make a nutrition book, whether its been said before its how you pitch it, who your audience is, and what your goals in the article/talk are. Not to mention once you make a diet E-book, you make an exercise E-book, talk about different programs that have worked for you, sets and rep ranges for different body parts, how you’ve progressed through time as you have progressed as an athlete for age, health, and physique.

You essentially lose nothing by doing this, if it doesn’t sell, you wasted time putting it together and if nothing else its a memoir of your thoughts and past experiences you can give to your clients.

If it weren’t a weekday I’d probably make the trip out there.

Good to see you getting more recognition/opportunities though Stu.

@Quasi- Thanks for the suggestions. I actually started on a full book a while back, but admittedly having the time to push through has been an issue. Realizing how difficult a full book is, I outlined 3 smaller E-books this past Spring, and once me and my ‘web-guy’ finish updating my site, I’ll have them available on there this Fall.

I certainly have no interest in running a forum, and while I do participate on other sites, have always viewed TN as my online home in terms of my contributions. A few things on our lists of things to do though include a weekly Q&A column (monthly if my other commitments get too heavy), possibly some short videos (I have no interest in making some of those really long rambling ones that many of the you-tube-‘experts’ like to make), and maybe (MAYBE) as so many people have asked me about the t-shirts and hats I give my contest prep clients, I may offer them for sale.

With this particular seminar though, I get the impression that they may be viewing it more as an introduction and PR piece as they expressed interest in me being the “nutrition guy” for their athletes. As so many Pros train there, and so many college and high school coaches work with them as well, the goal isn’t for me to teach everyone there everything they need to know to maximize their training, but give such a well laid thought out approach, illustrating how having a knowledgeable approach can only help them, and see where it goes.

And yes, I am making a little Power-Point out of my outline/notes, because I’ve already received inquiries as to if I can send copies to a few people who can’t make it, just so they can get an idea of what topics I’m covering.

@Waittz- I’m not sure if I technically own anything we film, and to be honest, I can tell you that it may not be as in depth on specific topics as some people on here may want. I had spoken to the people at the PAPC a while ago when I was doing my post-surgery rehab there, about doing a video of my progress and they didn’t really jump at it.

Of course with what we’ve discussed, me actually handling their clients and working on some sort of consultant/referral basis, I’m sure if things work out well that they’d be more open about me making videos there. And like I mentioned briefly above, I do have the idea of putting out very short pieces once I get my site updated and expanded (and of course you guys know I share everything on here!)


Congrats on the opportunity to do a seminar Stu. I would love to attend and hear your thoughts on nutrition, but my wife is expecting our first child any day now, so there’s no way I could drive a few hours just to attend an hour long seminar. Hope you have a great turnout though. :slight_smile:

Definitely post when/if you’re planning on doing another one though.

Good stuff. Make sure to get a cleanly edited couple of 3-5 min clips for the youtubez

Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to share whatever pics or video clips I get a hold of. Also, I figure that I can send a copy of my powerpoint file to any T-folk who shoot me an email. Even without my melodious speaking voice explaining the finer points with lovely anecdotes, I have no doubt that it’s chock full of useful info .


So I had quite a turn out! There were seats set up for 25 people, and we had a good 5-10 more people standing in the back and sitting to the side on the astro-turfed area of the facility.

My ‘little’ presentation ended up with me talking for just under 2 hours, and even fielding some very good questions. At first I was worried that I went so long, but several people told me it was fascinating, and that it was doubtful anyone got bored.

We had athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, PTs, even a couple of college professors (I was asked to come speak to a Nutrition class at a local college at the night’s end). Lots of people grabbing my card, asking about my services, and all putting their email addresses down for more info.

Definitely a great experience!

And as it was Wednesday night, and I’m not back to my usual school-year schedule, Cat, a couple of friends and I all headed over to my favorite bar for 10 cent hot wings. Truly a perfect end to a very enjoyable evening :smiley:


The few pics Cat snapped are all kinda greenish, tilted or blurry. Not too sure why though.


Congrats on a good first seminar! Sometimes the best way to make/add business is via free offerings to acquire more clients. I know that wasn’t your goal, but its a wonderful side effect of the effort.

Glad to see it went well and it was enjoyable. Not to mention treating yourself to some .10 wings afterwards.

I’d be interested in hearing some of the better questions asked.

oh man…wish I hadn’t missed this thread. I would have been there.

That is awesome Stu. I wish I could have attended. But alas you are so far away.