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Nutrition Store & Personal Trainer ?

I’m 18 and am a senior in college. I plan on going to college and I am interested in being a personal trainer and store owner after I graduate, if it could generate a decent income. I want to make good money, but I also want to enjoy what I’m doing. There’s a supplement store about 15 miles from my house that has a gym in the back of it, I guess in what would normally be a large storage room.I haven’t seen the gym, but the owner told me he gives lifting lessons in there.

I’d definetly love to become a certified personal trainer and a supplement store owner, so my question is What should I do to attain that goal? Also I’d need backup options if it didn’t work out since many many small businesses fail. What would I need to do college wise to prepare me for running a business and what classes would benefit me in being a personal trainer?

isn’t going to college twice overkill?

A business or marketing degree and exercise science or kinesiology type classes. Major and a minor or double major.