Nutrition Store/Long Island

I’m interested in opening a non-franchised nutrition/health store in the Long Island, New York area. Does anyone know where I could find a consultant or other information in regards to building the store and purchasing products. Thanks

Hey, I’m from LI. Where do you plan to open that store?

I have no idea myself, but I know that at least several forum regulars here have their own non-franchised stores. Hope somebody replies here soon or at least PM you.

One of the few places I used to frequent when I lived on the Island is New York Barbell. They have a store in Binghamton too (my brother used to get his stuff there).

ANyway, unlike GNC, they actually offer really reasonable prices, and are pretty knowledgable as well. Not much advertising, but most likely tons of repeat customers, which is always a good thing. Look 'em up, maybe pick the guys brain. That’s all I can offer, wish I could be more helpful.