Nutrition Shakes

I am looking for some good recipes on nutrition shakes. Does anyone have a good recipe that they would like to share?

If you’re refering to protien shakes to be made in a blender, I got a few.

For chocolate flavored protein powder

1 Banana
2 TSP Peanut Butter
3 mini dark chocolate bars, warmed and gooey (about 1oz)
a handful of raspberries


1 tsp Cinnamon
a dash of Nutmeg
a dash of brown sugar
a few dark cherries
1 scoop lowfat chocolate ice cream

for Vanilla,

1/2 cup mixed berries
1 tsp Honey
1 Banana

Here’s some ingredients. Mix however you want.

any fruit
Steamed sweet potatoes/yams
steamed carrots
black strap molasses
peanut butter
cottage cheese