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Nutrition Research Paper Resources?


I'm writing a research paper on how college aged individuals should diet to maximize muscle hypertrophy and keep fat gain to a minimum and I'm wondering if anyone is aware of some good nutritional databases with peer reviewed articles, journals etc.

Obviously, I have pubmed and university databases but if anyone knows of any other I'd appreciate hearing about them. Thanks.


i usually find the majority of my nutrition/exercise info from these journals. you can access all of these through pubmed though.




here are some studies on workout nutrition that may be useful to you...



Ever use Google Scholar? scholar.google.com

I typically use a combination of that and Pubmed when researching a new area, but Scholar has a MUCH better search engine.


You could also drop an email to Alan Aragon. he def loves pubmed but he may also be able to give you other sources.

EDIT: Want to talk about the GHRP6 with you. Don't have access to T-CELL. I know BBB talks pretty highly about it and wanted to get your take on it. Does it really make you that much more hungry? Nagging pains/injury help? Overall feeling? ETC


OK great, thanks guys.

Mateus, it makes you very hungry when you use higher doses, 500+ mcg typically, even if you are totally full and take a higher dose you still get the hunger. However, eventually you blunt sensitivity if you do it all the time, you can really only get that hunger effect once a day so use it for post workout. I get a strong boost of energy at higher doses, normal 1 mcg per kg BW dose, don't notice anything. Haven't noticed anything as far as injury/pain rehab yet, only been 1 1/2 weeks.




"As you is demonstrated on Table Three, XYZ ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates within a dietary framework that constitutes a caloric surplus maximizes hypertrophy gains."

Table Three: just a picture of Waylander's bicep.


haha seriously. I wish I could just put a picture ofm myself in the fucking paper and be like ok..this is what you should do lol.


Try SCOPUS if you haven't already.

Pubmed is clunky and hits far too much irrelevant material in comparison.

Plus you can re-sort your searches in SCOPUS according to citation rate very easily to find the article most people gives a damn about.

This can help you tell the chronological story of your particular topic of interest.