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Nutrition References?

Hi all,

What would you recommend as must haves in your nutrition library? Please provide one or two books/articles that have greatly enhanced your knoweledge about nutrition, eating habits, or results. These can be more knowledge based references, or more practical information like cookbooks.

I have always found nutrition to be a bit of a tricky topic, with a variety of different opinions in the literature.

I’m interested to see what gets thrown up, and hope this thread will become a valuable resource for other readers.


Exercise physiology, energy and nutrition by McArdle, Katch and Katch is a particularly useful one, although isn’t exactly light reading. Really helped me out with my University assignments as a starting point for research.

Any of Peter Lemon’s research on protein has also provided insight for me into my own diet although I do think there are a few problems with applying his findings to the typical T-Nation reader!

From a non textbook/journal aspect, I’m a big fan of John Berardi’s articles. “Limit protein to 20g per meal?” on precision nutrition is a favourite of mine: I don’t agree with everything word for word but definitely made me think outside the box when it comes to research on protein intake.


Lyle Mcdonald’s books are all good reads. Particularly The Ketogenic Diet and Ultimate Diet 2.0. Keteogenic Diet is THE reference manual for low carb diets and UD 2.0 contains a ton of information that is very useful even if you don’t do the specific CKD plan he lays out in the book.

I second Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon has a research review that covers tons of information as well.

jablan, Stronghold and MODOK, thank you for your contributions. There are some great references there.

If anyone has any others, or would like to second any of the above, please contribute.