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Nutrition Recovering from Surgery, How to Not Lose Muscle?

Hi all, I am currently recovering from surgery.

I wanted to get suggestions on ways to keep my body as stable as possible, any links/related posts would be helpful.

Summary: Got spine surgery month ago, Estimated to be on basic bedrest for 1-2 more
Age: 26 Body: Pre-op I was 195, 11 percent body fat. guessing now that im 9%, I weigh 185.

Current Nutrution/Lifestyle/Supplments

  1. 8 AM = Wake up
  2. 830 AM = 2 iu supplement for collagen synthesis. Note I am taking 2iu for healing properties. Started 21 days ago. Thoughts? I know 4 is ideal for bodybuilding, but all I want is healing+some prevention muscle loss.
  3. 9 AM-930 = SITTING( as long as can) Eat healthy cereal/oatmeal
  4. 930-12PM = *Lie down (ice back if irritated on-off)
  5. 12PM - 1PM = Go on 30-45 minute Walk
  6. Eat lunch 1 PM = Chicken + veggies or rice
  7. 1-5PM *Lie down (ice inflamed back)
  8. 4 PM Smoothie (not consistent/daily, need to work on this) = (3-4 Tablespoon healthy peanutbutter, milk, banana/strawberries, myprotein impact weight gainer weightgainer 2 scoops ) = 40g+ protein
  1. 5 PM - posible second shorter walk
  2. 530 PM - 730 PM - *Lie Down (Ice inflamed back)
  3. 730-745 = Dinner:SITTING (as long as I can) Chicken/Steak (medium/large size chicken breast) + Greens
  4. 8-11 = *Lie Down
  5. 11-12 AM = Try to move around house/bloodflow
  6. 12-7/8 AM - Sleep

Medications: NSAID, MuscRelaxer
Other: Starting basic P.T. shortly

*I get up every hour or so, and move positions for bloodflow

Can t realy help. But I had surgery for a broken tibia 1 week ago. I have a lot of meds (pain kille, blood thinner) my foot look like a foot ball and my knee a basket ball.
I have started physio just movement no weight bearing.
I hope to go back to the gym as soon as I can stay up for 1 hr. My physio is talking about spining😭 before I can walk.
I will have to use machine until I can ditch the crutches

Probably will end up losing muscle in a caloric deficit however if you are willing to get a bit fluffy you can hold onto as much as you possible. Bit easier to lose fat than to regain muscle when its time to start lifting properly again.

Count macros (at least during this period so you can more accurate adjust), weigh yourself daily to maintain weight, comply with professional advice/prescriptions, resume activity ASAP.

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Spining = spinning?