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Nutrition Questions

Hi all,

I’m wondering some things. Over the past 3-4 months I’ve been very disciplined and have kept a food log. Things are going pretty well I’m losing fat and gaining muscle.

I have started to have problems with my digestion. Every morning and before I go to bed I have a “colon blow.” I mean everything comes out. My digestive system seems to be pushing food through every twelve hours.

I’m eating oatmeal or high fiber bread in my morning meal. Lunch is typically a protein with a large salad or side of veggies. Then maybe a chicken breast sandwich with Indian grain bread. Then 2 protein Shake meals PWO. And normally I have a cup and a half of cottage cheese before bed.

Obviously it varies a little bit. But for the most part 4 meals are regular food and 2 meals are shakes.

I want to go see a doctor but what kind do I go to? What are good doctors who know about nutrition?

Also if there are changes I can make to the diet, I would be all ears.

Other things that might be helpful are these.

I’ve been very consistant eating 1.5g Protein per pound of LBM. typically this involves 60G of protein per meal.

MY carbs are usually 80-100 g on non training days and 150-175 g on training days. 75-100 are consumed during and after my workout.

Fat intake is low but usually 2 TBL spoons of Fish/Flax oil daily.

That seems about it. Any directions of comments would be helpful.