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Nutrition questions.

Hello all, i have some questions for all of you.

The first is regarding the quantity of carbs you all take in one sitting. How much is to much? How many grams of carbs are considered a high carb meal? Lately i’ve been experimenting with eating a large meal after my workout consisting of 200 gr carbs, 50 pro and 5 fat. This amounts to 1045 Kilocalories. I don’t eat that many carbs during the rest of the day, but can our body cope with that much food? How many grams of carbs do you consume in one meal?

Second question is about melatonine. I was doing some research on the internet about it and i came across this site from some doctor which had a article about melatonine. In the end of the article he had a section in which he listed the various people who should avoid melatonine, between these was “people who don’t want their levels of endogenous testosterone lowered”, implying that melatonine lowers T levels. Anyone agrees\disagrees with this statement? I started taking it 2 months ago and for a while my sexual apetite was lower than usual (though there were other factors, like increased stress who could perfecly well be causing this). Unfortunately i can’t find the damn site again.

Third question: How good is the protein in enriched pasta for building muscle? In the days i eat more carbs i’m getting 30 to 40 grams of this protein, and i’m counting it as part of my daily intake. Do you think this is ok?