Nutrition Questions

Hi everyone, I was just reading through a very good nutrition book called ‘Clinical Sports Nutrition’ and a few questions popped into my head, so here goes.
If you are doing Lactic acid training to decrease bodyfat levels by increasing growth hormone, will taking bicarbonate be advantageous (allow you to perform a greater workload leading to greater results) or will it actually impair the function of the lactic acid in promoting growth hormone by buffering it?

Would takeing glycerol to help hyperhydrate the body be a a good thing to do if you are playing football? My thoughts are that while it may help with hydration it would make you feel pretty bloated wich is something that you dont want when playing a contact game. It is not uncommon for players here in Northern Australia however to lose 4 kilograms (9 pounds in a game) due to the high temperatures in a single 80 minute game.

The book says that takeing 5-6 mgs of caffiene will produce optimal and undetectable effects on performance. It also says that anything over this will offer no further benefit and may cause you to test positive in a drug test. So why is it that anyone would ever come up with a positive test for caffiene?

4) Apparently exercising on an empty stomach brings about the greatest increases in growth hormone. Which is presumably one of the reasons (along with low glycogen stores after fasting etc) exercising on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is recomended for maximal fat loss.This type of training however is often critized as being too catabolic for people who are wanting to maintain or increase Lean body mass. So my question is will the protein synthesis and other anabolic qualities of GH make this a viable exercise regime for someone who wants to maximize fat loss while maintaining or even increasing lean body mass or will it be insufficient and therefore only viably used by people who are willing to also saccrifice muscle?

Thanks in advance for any help to my questions