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Nutrition Questions: Eggs, Yolks, and Supps


1)How many eggs is a safe amount to eat in a day? At times i eat 4-5, but i don't usually eat eggs daily, how does this sound, too much?
1B)Are the egg yolks classified as "good" or "bad", fats? I normally eat the whole egg 90% of the time, and wouldn't classify it as being a bad fat, but rather a good source of protein and fats, any information i should be aware of, in doing this?

2) Multiviatmin + cod liver oil supps. I like the idea of these, but is it ok to take them everyday, combined as one tablet. I saw some guy who works out take about 7 cod liver oil tablets in one go first thing in the morning, seems a bit extreme? However, i know a lot of people (particularly the elderly), take these type of supps daily.

Is there any side effects to taking multivitamin tablets everyday, i can see where some complications would come in, if i were to take a tablet in the morning, and then get some additional vitamins from real food sources, or isn't this too bad, "too many vitamins"?

Thanks, just some questions that were bothering me.


1 - eggs are good protein/good fats
eat as many as you want as long as you dont develop an intolerance - rare but it can happen
i was eating a doze n a day for a couple months and my lipid profile was one ofthe best my doc said he's seen
if you have the cash, go for OMEGA 3 eggs

2 - multivitamins should be fine. i think the biggest reason they're so highly recommended is bc so much of our food is mass produced and stripped of their vitamins/minerals/micronutrients

IIRC you shouldnt go over 2 TBSP of cod liver oil per day. i believe it was something about easily overdosing on VIT-A


When it comes to nutrition your body knows best, but you have to learn how to listen. Watch out for fads and government opinion. One good source is Gary Taubes book , when it comes to the dangers of carbs, but you have to balance this against your training level - I have to eat carbs during races or I'd bonk (been there, done that).

Another thing worth reading it The Four Hour Body, Tim Ferriss, but again do what your body tells you. We are each metabolically unique. There is no one-size-fits-all.
Best of luck with this, and be careful with those supplements.
-k @FitOldDog


Thanks for the answers, a dozen a day!?


Just wanted to 2nd this. Well put and right on the money.

I would just add choosing a low-dose multivitamin. One a days can have issues digestion wise for people. Don't know why, but a low dose taken 3x a day seems to be more effective.


Never thought of that but really good point thanks!


i eat 20 eggs a day, breakfast and last meal. i havnt died or gained BF


I have 10 a day and I thought that was a lot!

You truly are a caveman!!

I need to up my egg eating game..


HAHAHAHAHAHA i started chewing mine up for that very same reason. they taste pretty awful but you get used to it


I would be careful with cod liver oil caps, they often have a lot of vitamin A. This will be toxic if taken in large doses.


I don't like even remotely close to what you guys lift but I do eat 3 to 4 eggs about 4 to 5 days a week.


i generally eat 6-12 whole eggs EVERY day as well and have been doing so for maybe 3 years now. just recently gave blood and all my lipid profiles are also in the awesome range.


Same here. I spread them across 3 different meals....

I swear they make a huge difference in my recovery and H4M swears by his PWO raw egg shakes.

If you are paranoid and have the money, have your lipid panel done, then eat a bunch of eggs daily for a month, and redo the test.


To the person saying that the capsules don't work too well and don't get digested, would chewing them work, or would it be likely to make me ill? The reason i ask is because when im out i normally get them from a supermarket, don't feel the need to buy them online too!


i chew for now bc im waiting till they run out to buy other ones but they dont make me feel sick whether on empty stomach or not


Eat 2-4 a day, been doing so for 3-4 years. No issues noted. Dislike eating just the whites, I go for the whole thing.


I eat a dozen every other day for breakfast.

Eat the yolk, it's good for you.


for the fish oil, try to find distilled fish oil. If its not distilled it can have mercury in it. I found some at the local grocery store that is distilled. A lot of brands are, just check the label. My favorite is carlson's in liquid form, but it cost too much.


Couldn't u simply just grind it up prior to taking it?


or chew? no sarcasm.