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Nutrition Question ---Graphic

I have a couple questions about proper digestion. I’ve been keeping a food log and eating healthy for a while now. However, over the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing “messy” bowel movements. Typically twice a day before bed and upon waking. It’s like my whole intestinal track is emptied every time. It’s also starts firm and ends like water.

So I think there is a problem.

Diet. 6 meals daily. usually each meal is around 60g protein, and the carbs and fat vary depending if I’m eating around my workout. BTW, 300 g of protein equals about 1.5g x LBM.

Oh 4 of the 6 meals are regular food, the other two are Protein Drinks.

Let’s see anything else?

What are some suggestions? Do I need more fiber? Am I eating too much protein? Anything else?



without knowing EXACTLY what you are eating in each meal it is tuff to say much of anything…

I agree with C13, are you taking anything supplement/nutrition wise for the first time, it may just be your body is taking time to adjust to it.


You said on your other thread that meals 4-5 are protein shakes and then meal 6 is cottage cheese. Are using MRP shakes or just a protein powder? Also, are you eating anything else with meals 4-6 or is that it? If this is all you’re eating, there is not much there in the way of chewables so it makes sense that you may be experiencing some looseness.

You may want to try having your PWO shake (meal 4) followed by whole foods for meal 5 instead of another shake. You also mentioned that you thought your fat intake was low, you may want to consider adding some to your cottage cheese at meal 6 as this would be the perfect time. Some fish oils for variety, perhaps, as you said you were already using some flax.

Additionally, do you know how much fiber (in grams) you are consuming on a normal day?

I have to second the recomendations so far and add that you may want to look into a simple digestive aid.

You having recently upped your K/cals and shakes may simply need some more beneficial bacteria. Even the addition of yoghurt can help here. I dont have the spelling of the bacteria right here in front of me but it is acrhi+++ something another in yoghurt and probiotics. Ginger can also help greatly for ppl having trouble with this due to protein pdrs not agreeing with them.

Hope this helps,

You need more solid food if you are taking in that many MRP’s. 3 real food meals with 3 MRPs would probably be acceptable. Something you can try as well is take a psyllium husk tablet with your MRPs just make sure you take a lot of water with it. Probably 8oz would be a good idea. This is above and beyond your protein shake liquid.

Psyllium husk is a fantastic fiber replacement and works great but if you don’t take in enough water you are going to have the opposite problem and you don’t want that. :slight_smile:

I know from past experiences with “other” meal replacements shakes I had some messy problems, like the ones described. Could be the MRP’s.

superpimp is also correct. I know that when I used MRPs in day’s past some of them would tear me up. I think it was a reaction to the concentrated protein or whatever else was in them. Gas, bloating, and sometimes what you experienced.

How much fiber are you getting each day? If several of your meals are MRP’s, you may need to add fiber to your diet.

OK, I need to clear up a few things. I didn’t explain myself well enough in the last post.

I eat regular food about 3-4 meals a day, depending on the day.

Breakfast, I’ll have 2 eggs +6 egg whites, a slice of ham, and some oatmeal. If I’m pressed for time I’ll have a Low Carb Grow and Oatmeal or Multigrain toast with Natural Peanut Butter.

Lunch. Usually Some type of meat with Veggies, Salad, maybe a small potato.

Afternoon. Sandwich, whole grain bread either tuna, chicken or ham.

Workout: Surge 3 scoops in 2 liters of water, Usually 3 scoops of Low Carb grow, 45 minutes later, and 2 hours later some type of real meat and veggies.

Evening: Low Carb Grow, 3 scoops

Evening 2: Cottage Cheese

I’m trying making my protein portions smaller. Around 40 G per serving of Grow. And about 60 g per meal of regular food.

I don’t know what my fiber content is. Would I do well to put flax seed meal in my Low Carb Grow?

I hope that helps. I appreciate your response.



Make sure you’re getting enough H2O during these times.

Any changes I make in my diet seem to set me off. I’ll start painting the rim on vacations, trips, or other areas where I don’t have access to my usual staples.