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Nutrition&Pulled Muscles

I’m curious if anyone else has had an issue like this. For the last few weeks I’ve been using a program that Swolecat did up for me (SwoleGenix) and while it is working great for pulling off fat and not pulling off muscle I seem to be pulling muscles and having muscles cramp all the friggin time. I started a potassium and a calcium supplement and the cramping has gone down but at least once a week I’ll pull a muscle.
Sometimes it’s at the gym and sometimes it isn’t. And yes I take at least 10 minutes to warm up and stretch out before lifting.
So my question is, could I be pulling muscles because of a lack of nutrition? SwoleGenix has me eating whole foods and Low Carb GROW along with flax seed oil. Most of the carbs are post workout and pre-workout. In the past when I’ve pulled muscles I will eat 1/2 of a fresh pineapple every day for a week and I’m back to 100%

Any thoughts?

How is your water intake???

Are you getting MORE than enough.

A good multi, essential fats, and yes potassium. I would try to get some extra potassium from natural sources. I hear many of the supps. are not that readily available for use.

Banana’s are loaded but high in carbs, another very high source is cabbage.

Hope that helps.

I think I would discuss it with Swolecat, we have no idea what his plan is, although upping your water intake couldn’t hurt.

In Faith,

you keep pulling muscles? how many have you pulled?

Cramps are a classic symptom of mineral deficiency. Magnesium is the one that comes to mind. I would definitely give it a try.

There are other causes of muscle cramps and injuries. Number one, antidepressants. Also, overtraining. If you’ve been on the diet for awhile, you might be overtrained/under-recovered. So you might want to look at everything that could be affecting your body, not just your diet.