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Nutrition/ Protein Intake Timing Questions


In addition to my running, I'm working through the P90X routines and I'm working on building lean muscle and some mass in some (to me) lackluster muscle groups. Since I'm a single dad, and spending quality time with my kids is of PARAMOUNT importance to me, the only real time I have to workout is late at night when they're in bed (9:30PM).
I know that after workout/run protein intake is important to help with the muscle building. What I need to know is:

**Is it OK to do my usual protein shake after a late night workout (usually ends about 11:00 for P90X) and then go to bed? (I am usually in bed by 11:30-11:45)

**If a late night protein shake (first point) is NOT okay, should I do a large protein intake PRE-workout?

Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!!


I usually work out once the kids have gone to bed too. Normally somewhere between 9pm and 10pm. I drink a homemade protein shake (milk, oats & fruit whizzed in a blender) before and after. No ill effects for me so far.




Well, on the plus side it will reduce cortisol output and ensure you have amino acids in your bloodstream to allow muscle protein synthesis. On the downside the the extra ingredients will result in fair sized insulin spike that will inhibit your Growth Hormone surge that usually happens about an hour after you go to sleep. If it were me I’d probably cut the oats and fruit then stop worrying about it.


I would not be inclined to perform a P90X-type workout on a full stomach.


[quote]bulldog9899 wrote:
Push-Ups bro, push ups.

If you aint doing them you are losing out.