Nutrition Program

Today I headed over to the library to look at the books for some information.

Recently I decided my diet could use some improvements…so I figured Id head over to the nutrition section with alot of hope. Oddly enough, I found nothing close to what I was looking for.

I know I could spend hours looking through information about all types of minerals, acids, etc. and develop a plan of my own but I figure id start off looking for a program already made.

I respect discipline and would like to attempt to find a program(perhaps a weekly one, but doesent matter) that has set meals/snacks each day that will be very nutritional for me. Variety doesent make a difference to me, consistency does. I dont know if repetition of the same meals will be a bad thing when it comes to nutrition–but this post will help me find out.

So, basically, I would be looking for a program that has the same meal for breakfast on monday every week…and so on for the other meals/snacks. Then tuesday something different…or…the same.

Also, I am not looking for a bulking/slimming diet…but something that will help me stay healthy.

Does anyone know of such information that could help me out?

If it involves a link to another site please PM me rather than posting.

Thanks to all!


You probably won’t have much luck finding anything like that here. Berardi and Lowery put together some great stuff, but it doesn’t get that specific. Usualy a general plan with a wide variety of recomended foods.
Personaly, I like variety. The same stuff day in and day out gets terribly borring. I know this from eating cheap ground meat, lentils, rice and maybee a couple of onions every day for a couple of years through school. That sucked.