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Nutrition Pre-During-Post Cardio


I put on 20 punds this year and am finally ready to cut some body fat. I have my pre/during/post nutrition down for lifting (ON Whey, Creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Surge) but I hardly ever hear any nutritional info for pure HIIT/endurance cardio work.

Since I'm trying to lose bodyfat, not increase my performance, do I want to skip supplements? Im thinking maybe just BCAA's to help prevent muscle catobolism? Putting on the weight was easy, im just struggling like all hell to take it off.


Supplements are a good idea to help perserve the muscle you already have while cutting


Im trying to figure out if I need a pre/post workout drink or just water and BCAA's?


I personally use BCAA pre/peri/post workout when doing conditioning work and on low carb days. I consume around 45g. Use as much BCAA as you can afford. I wouldn't use Surge after conditioning work if trying to lose fat. I would save the Surge for PWO when lifting. Good luck.