Nutrition Planner

thought I would bump this up.

how do i get a copy of your spread sheet


Jake Man, get it at the link, it will download automatically.

[quote]topher wrote:

At iluminatae’s request, I’ve placed his Nutrition Planner Spreadsheet (v2.0) in a downloadable location. Anyone who wants it can download it directly here:


Iluminatae - I was wondering if you knew anything about Excel…

Holy Poo Poo that’s awesome… I messed with a little something like that myself and then got tired of it and bagged it…


Thanks for sharing…


That’s awesome Iluminatae. I’ve been making a sheet of my own for the fat loss program I just started but had a lot of work to do to make it usable. I’ll just bring my food choices into this one and be done with it now. Thanks!

Iluminatae -

That spread sheet is amazing. In the past I made my own but is in no way as comprehensive or aesthetically pleasing as mine.

That food log is awesome! Thanks so much.

Glad you like it !

If you see anything I have missed or ways it could be better let me know.


I thought this was worth a bump

Oh man! This is FRIGGIN AWESOME. You could probably find something far inferior to this being sold for cash. Here, its free! Great job man, this is so friggin excellent!

Am going to start working on a revision soon. I have discovered a couple things that need to be added.

I need to put in some fibre columns in the food list and have it calculate the amounts at the end of each day.

Gotta keep the pooper poopin…


iluminatae this is incredible, just found it in the search and it makes things amazingly easier. Thank you.
Thought to give it a bump for anyone who hasnt seen it.

Okay - I thought I should bump this up. The first post has the correct link to this now.

I am not sure how long I will be leaving that webspace up because I will be out of country for a while. So if you want it, you better grab it now.

I will try to find an alternate host if I decide to take this offline.

I hope some find this thing useful.


Just downloaded it and let me just say this, wow! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks!!!

The spreadsheets that i’ve used in the past look like they were created by my 6 year old nephew compared to this.

Out of this world. Incredible job.

Thanks, hope you find it useful.


your nutrition planner is fantastic! I love it! I’m going to try it in my pda.

Have you ever thought about making one to track workouts?

I have made a workout sheet but I ended up using the iron trainer software, and then I switched to a chalkboard that hangs on my wall by my power rack.