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Tampa-Terry suggested I post a topic about my nutrition spreadsheet I made. So here goes…

I started a fat loss program about 2.5 months ago because one day I looked in the mirror and saw a fat bastard staring back at me. I have about a decade of training experience from my youth. So the excercise part of this whole fat loss equation has come pretty easy for me. But the stuff posted on T-Nation is a little above my head right now, but I am learning lots. So as part of my contribution to fellow T-Men and T-Vixens I am willing to send this spreadsheet to any who want it.

Now onto the workings of this thing.

The workbook is comprised of many sheets as follows;


This is where I measure my progress, In my case its fat loss(this workbook will work for those bulking as well), so the first thing to do here is enter your start date. There is a colored cell where you enter the date. dd/mm/yy

Now you will notice that the Weekly actuals will have changed to indicate every seven days, for me this is when I do my weekly fat caliper measures, scale measure and enter the number from my accu-measure fat caliper. This is a pretty simple device that seems to be very consistent if you operate it properly. You enter the body fat %, Net body weight and then the sheet calculates Lean body mass, body fat mass. Body Fat Loss/Gain in % and lbs, lean body mass loss/gain in % and lbs. And for a ease of use in interpreting all this data and correlating it to your caloric intake it sums your weekly Caloric intake, Weekly protein, carb and fat intake.

I also added a table on this sheet to enter your goals, and a sum to date of fat loss, body weight loss or gain and lean body mass increase.

===Calculation Sheet===

This sheet is used to enter your personal information such as age, body weight, body fat %, Resting heart rate etc.

Calculations are made for Calorie predictions using Katch McArdel and Harris Benedict Method for Men or Women. Below this there is a place to enter the calculated caloric intake because these are just formulas and for those that know what they need in terms of calories you can simply enter this here or use one of the numbers generated by the formulas.

There is a table that calculates Heart Rate zones for those that do cardio using two methods, Karvonnen and Age Predicted.

On the right side of the sheet there is a place to enter your desired macro nutrient ratios. You will notice that there are two places to enter these. I do three days of low carb intake and one day of high carb intake, the macro ratios change on these which is why I made two places. If you are wanting the eat the same macro ratios all week then enter the same ratios in each spot.

===Shopping List===

I think this is pretty self explanatory…

===Weekly Tabs (sheets)===

These sheets are broken up so there is 7 days of meal menus in each sheet. There are 12 weeks worth of daily meals available. Enter your start date on the Week 1 Sunday and the rest of the weeks dates are calculated.

These weekly sheets are linked to the Master food table where you enter your foods including the macro nutrients.

Enter your time of each meal, now in the Type Column - click on this and it brings up your master food table food type, just scroll through the list till you find what you want and it enters the info, next enter the serving size or amount and it calculates the protein, carbs and fat grams and the calories. Fill in the foods for each meal and it calculates the daily totals, giving you a breakdown in grams, percentage of macro ratios and total calories of each meal, each day etc. You can plan your entire week with this.


Here you can enter some simple recipies which calculates the totals for the recipie and serving size. You have to enter this into the food table once you are done.

Its not important but I found it handy if I want to make a new recipie and quickly find out how many grams of nutrients are in it.

===Food Table===

This is a list of all the foods one would normally eat, there are alot of things in there already but feel free to add on to it. The foods must be entered in alphabetical order or you simply enter the foods at the bottom of the table and do a sort in ascending order.

You can download it here.

[edit - this link is now correct]


T-Folk, you really have to check out Dave’s spreadsheet! I was absolutely blown away by it. It’s a magnificent piece of work!

The good thing, too, is that you have access to the author. You can ask questions about how to use it. And if you want to tweak it a bit, Dave’s right here.

Awesome job, Dave!!!

I definately need to check this out! I’m going to PM you iluminatae.

I just emailed a copy to everybody that messaged me last night, if for some reason you didnt get it let me know.


Second round of emails just went out for this. If for some reason you didnt recieve it, it’s probably because you never sent me your email address.


Got it, thanks a lot!
It looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait to start using it.

Thank you very much!!!


Thank you for sending the spreadsheet. Do you keep track of any supplements used before and after workouts, if so, do you enter them in a meal column? If the supps are tracked in the meals area, can we increase the numbers of meals beyond six, to track pre and post workout food or shakes?


PS. Again, a wonderful job.

I basically use the existing six meal format for tracking things like surge and grow. However, if you wish to add more meal tables then simply copy the appropriate rows of meal six and insert them between meal six and the totals for the day. The drop down menu for the food table should copy over as well. You will have to redo the forumulas for the daily totals to incorporate the addition of a seventh meal.

If this is something you feel is necessary I can do up a template for seven meals per day and send it out.


PS - Am glad you like it


If you are will to do that, I would be very grateful. Otherwise, I can screw it up a few times, but I will get it eventually. Other than that, the sheet look wonderful. I have been playing with the daily percentage to get the grams to come out right, and entering my weekly food items. I am going to run my old sheets and the new one this week to make sure all the numbers come out close, and then next week onto the new sheet. Whoo Hooo!



I received the updated sheet, with 7 meals. Thank you very much. Can I offer you my first born son. He could probably put your weights away after you finish, or help in some other way to repay you for this.

Vince Kirchner :slight_smile:

lol Vince - glad you like it. As this thing is a work in progress but getting close to finished for me anyway, I wouldnt mind some feedback on improvements. So if anybody has any suggestions on how to improve it let me know. I was thinking of adding in a sheet for supplements but am not sure if that is necessary.

On the new version 2.0 I remade the sheets to include seven meals per day for the twelve weeks and added Surge and Grow to the food table.


At iluminatae’s request, I’ve placed his Nutrition Planner Spreadsheet (v2.0) in a downloadable location. Anyone who wants it can download it directly here:


[quote]topher wrote:

At iluminatae’s request, I’ve placed his Nutrition Planner Spreadsheet (v2.0) in a downloadable location. Anyone who wants it can download it directly here:


Thanks Topher…I was getting flooded and was having a tough time keeping up with requests.

Next on my to-do list is to build a proper workout spreadsheet.


Holy shiznit, that’s the bizinits!

Well done Dave!

Great job.

This is a very-well done nutrition planner.

Thanks for your contribution!

Great contribution.

 I really love the nutrition planner, it's very helpful. Awesome Job. 

5/5 stars.

Thanks for the spreadsheet. Can’t wait to try it out.

That is a piece of art! Definitely can’t wait to give it a try!



thanks guys, hope you find it useful.