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Nutrition Planner v.2.1

Hey T-Peops,

I have updated my nutrition planner. Couple new things I added to this one include fiber calculations and a supplement table. Along with these there is some minor improvements in formating, calculations etc etc.

You need MS Excel to use this!

If you would like a copy Private Message me your email and I will email it out to you.

Below is a brief description.

The workbook is comprised of the following worksheets:


This is where I measure my progress, In my case its fat loss (this workbook will work for those bulking as well). Enter your start date (preferably on a Sunday because all dates are then taken from this.

Now you will notice that the Weekly actuals will have changed to indicate every seven days, for me this is when I do my weekly fat caliper measures, scale measure and enter the number from my accu-measure fat caliper. You enter the body fat %, Net body weight and then the sheet calculates Lean body mass, body fat mass. Body Fat Loss/Gain in % and lbs, lean body mass loss/gain in % and lbs. And for a ease of use in interpreting all this data and correlating it to your caloric intake it sums your weekly Caloric intake, Weekly protein, carb and fat intake from the weekly menu sheets.

I also added a table on this sheet to enter your goals, and a sum to date of fat loss, body weight loss or gain and lean body mass increase.

-------Calculation Sheet--------

This sheet is used to enter your personal information such as age, body weight, body fat %, Resting heart rate etc.

Calculations are made for Calorie predictions using Katch McArdel and Harris Benedict Method for Men or Women. Below this there is a place to enter the calculated caloric intake because these are just formulas and for those that know what they need in terms of calories you can simply enter this here or use one of the numbers generated by the formulas.

There is a table that calculates Heart Rate zones for those that do cardio using two methods, Karvonnen and Age Predicted.

On the right side of the sheet there is a place to enter your desired macro nutrient ratios. You will notice that there are two places to enter these. One is for your daily targets the other I put in for those that want to use this as a refeed calculation. If you are wanting the eat the same all week then enter the same ratios in each spot.
Food Table

This is a list of all the foods one would normally eat, there are alot of things in there already but feel free to add on to it. The foods must be entered in alphabetical order or you simply enter the foods at the bottom of the table and do a sort in ascending order.
Enter your supplements in alphabetical order (or sort the table after entering the info)

------Shopping List------

If I need to explain this to you then I really think you should get off mamma’s nipple and go do some shopping, ya know, the place where they sell food…

-------Weekly Tabs (sheets)-----

These sheets are broken up so there is 7 days of meal menus in each sheet which have 7 meals per day. There are 12 weeks worth of daily meals available. Your start date on the Week 1 Sunday is taken from your start date on the Calculations sheet, the rest of the weeks dates are calculated. I suggest you start your meal logging on a Sunday for simplicity. (NEW - I added a fiber calculation here to keep your pooper pooping and also added a supplement table)

These weekly sheets are linked to the Master food table where you enter your foods including the macro nutrients.

Enter your time of each meal, now in the Type Column - click on this and it brings up your master food table food type, just scroll through the list till you find what you want and it enters the info, next enter the serving size or amount and it calculates the protein, carbs and fat grams and the calories. Fill in the foods for each meal and it calculates the daily totals, giving you a breakdown in grams, percentage of macro ratios and total calories of each meal, each day etc. You can plan your entire week with this.


Here you can enter some simple recipies which calculates the totals for the recipie and serving size. You have to enter this into the food table once you are done.

Its not important but I found it handy if I want to make a new recipie and quickly find out how many grams of nutrients are in it. You can add more tables like this simply by copying and pasting a new one.


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