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Nutrition Plan


Stats: 206 pounds 6'1'' around 8% bodyfat
Lifts: 420x3 squat, around 265 bench and something more that 500 deadlift.

So, basically this is what I eat in a typical day:
1)almost a gallon of milk
2)1+pound meat or chicken
3)Around 60g of fat from chocolates and things like that.
At the end of the day, all totals about 250gr protein, around the same carbs and about 180grams of fat, totalling 3500-4000 calories. I try to have some fruit or salad with every meal (4-5 per day)

Good diet plan or bad??suggestions?


What are your goals? To put on size or to get stronger while remaining in the same weight class? (you powerlift, right?)


no, actually I dont. I'm a soccer player, a goalkeeper, and my goal is to get to about 230 pounds in the same BF i am right now and have an almost triple bodyweight squat and deadlift and bench more than 1.6 time my bodyweight. Random goals, but whatever.Doing this, I have gained about 2 pounds the last month, now i just bumped the calories 200 more per day. Keep doing that, do you think it is possible reaching my weight goal?