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Nutrition plan to Tampa-Terry

Hi Terry, ok here goes my plan that i have thought of from some research i have done, and also trial and error. Please rea over, make suggestions, and also critique.

6’1, 210 lbs, 15% bf, 20 years old, training for 6 years. i am now at the point where i want to lean out and know i will sacrifice some strength, but i want to lean out now then bulk up later…goal is tryin gto get to 10 %, by june 1…


178.5 LBM x 15 = 2677.5 calories

then subtract that # by 500 to get 2177.5 calories while dieting.

Protein: 300 grams for 1200 calories
Carbs: workout day: Surge 50 g
Greens 20 g
non-workout: Greens 40-50 grams

Fat: 3 tbsp flax, 42 g FAT
8 grams epa/dha, 20 caps, 30 g FAT

supplements: Multi-vitamin, yohimbine, generic fat loss pill, fish and flax oil, surge, protein powder isopure, lc grow

have 12 bottles of methoxy-7, your thoughts on that??

thinking of doing fat to fire next week coming off my OVT. thoughts on lifting routines, and cardio, thinking of HIIT for 20 mins, 15 secs : 45 secs…

so there it is, a lot of stuff, trying to get things nailed down for this plan…crtiicism welcomed, thank you so much for helpin me out


If you want some information on how to optimally handle your carb-ups, then feel free to email me. You can find my email at the end of my Ripped, Rugged, and Dense or Cheater’s Diet articles.


Todd, I’m impressed. If I had interviewed you and ran the numbers myself, I couldn’t have done a better job. It’s perfect, and a perfect example of how a diet should be structured.

Comments & questions. On the greens, are you subtracting the fiber grams from your carb grams? You need to do that. I’d like to see you get all the carbs you can for the numbers you gave me.

Supplements look good. Re the Methoxy, it’s a partitioning agent, meaning that it take incoming nutrients and preferentially stores them as/in muscle versus fat. It’s one of my favorite supplements, but if I had to choose cutting or bulking, I’d have to go with bulking. Having said that, I am currently using it on a cutting cycle. A bit of a contradiction, huh? (grin)

I’ve used oral and topical yohimbe/yohimbine. The oral product is subtle and makes its effects known over time. The topical version is like an A-bomb. You’ll see effects immediately. I’ve never used a product that worked so quickly. The topical versions’s effects are profound.

Since you’re going the low-carb route, you’re absolutely going to need to do carb refeeds. Do you want to kick that around a bit? I guarantee that it will ENHANCE fat loss. Lately my weight loss has slowed, but my BF% is dropping much more quickly than I am used to. I attribute it to my carb refeeds, which are highly strategic, not an excuse to go hog-wild and eat everything I’ve been missing.

Since your carb intake is pretty low, I’d recommend that you do a strength program. Joel Marion keeps pounding this into my head. Class, can we say, “Hypertrophy programs are not complementary to fat loss. Strength programs are highly complementary to fat loss, as they help preserve LBM and retain (if not improve) strength.” (grin) Todd, take a look at Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense, a 5x5 strength program. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it. It’s in the article archives.

Once again, Todd, that was an incredible effort on your part. The best I’ve ever seen. I really appreciate your providing me with all the information and your goals. Go ahead and get started. Don’t change/lower calories from the 2,177 for two weeks. Keep a food log. Get ahold of me in two weeks and let me know what sort of results you’re seeing. We can always make adjustments. Remember, though, you don’t want to lose more than 1.5 pounds per week. The first two weeks don’t count. But after that, no more than 1.5 pounds. If you’re losing more than that, we’re going to need to increase your calories.

Todd…TT provided great commentary, as always. I also encourage the strategical use of carb refeeds. I am planning on utilizing them for the first time myself.

On a sidenote, Joel, would you be willing to discuss this issue (i.e. carb refeeds) here on the forum? I feel that this insight would be beneficial to many. Between your and TT’s counsel, I think everyone would benefit greatly.

Todd, I don’t like to recommend specific calorie recommendations, per se. But I feel that your caloric intake might be too low. This is particularly true if you’re just starting your diet. As a matter of fact, most peeps can shed some fat just by eating cleanly at maintenance. Too many people look for a quick fix and try to shed the fat in one quick shot. This simply isn’t physiologically possible, as you can only lose fat at a certain rate.

I ran your numbers through JB’s Massive Eating calculator, and 85% of maintenance calories would put you upwards of 3000, and that doesn’t even account for exercise. So, I was wondering what your proposed caloric intake (i.e. 2177) represented relative to your maintenance intake.

I’m just not a big fan of the cookie-cutter “BW times (enter number here).” Remember, it’s better to start with a caloric intake that’s a little too high than too low. As long as you’re dialing in (TT, that’s not trade-marked is it?) on your nutrition by keeping close tabs as TT always recommends, then you should be okay.

Other than that concern, Todd, you look golden. Training, yep, go with something like Ripped, Rugged and Dense. Crank up the interval/fartlek training for cardio, it’s a solid idea.

YEAAAAAAA, i just got back from the KY, Florida game, we kicked some major ass…Thank you so much for the responses to my post, your alls knowledge is very much appreciated, Terry thanks so much for the reply as well as joel, i have emailed you about the refeeds, and to everyone else, i will post my progress in 2 weeks, hopefully things go well, also TT where do you get topical yohimbine? once again thank you


Todd, do a search on the 'Net for the best price, but be sure to check out 1fast400.

Look forward to hearing about your results. Congrats on the win. (sniff-sniff)

I would like to second Timbo’s request for Joel to start a Carb refeed thread or do it here. It would really help me out as well.

Unsolicited testimonial:
I’m down 6% bodyfat and 30 pounds from Sept due largely to the information gathered from this site. Specifically from Joel, Chris, Terry, and JB. The system works if you work it.

Thanks Guys!!!

(Don’t know how my name got changed in the Forum transfer)

I’d be really interested in hearing about this carb-up also. I’m sure your methods are much better than my pizza at the end of the week i’m running after like a carrot on a stick. :wink:

i’m on my third day of the T-Dawg 2.0 and i’m having trouble getting up to 1800 cals much less 2000. i feel like i’m gorging myself as it is but i’m still tweaking and getting the details right. tuna is my friend. :wink:

the carbs are just low enough for me to notice it later in the day but its not having effects on my energy levels. sweet. :wink: i’ve always had bad results going too low carb. thanks for the great tips on the forum guys. keep it up :wink: this girl is taking notes…

Hey, Guys. I’ve got two suggestions for you, in the meantime, as we develop a full-throttle thread for refeeds/carb-ups.

  1. E-mail Joel. He’ll be more than happy to supply you with a tasty article. His e-mail can be found at the bottom of any of his articles.

  2. Run a search for carb-ups. There’s a specific thread that TT (i.e. Tampa-Terry) laid a solid groundwork for Ryan (I believe, was the original poster). It was in regards to a carb-up being necessary or not with 190g of carbs.

TT…Faigin has really grabbed my interest. I’m really liking what I’m reading to this point, as I’m in the thick of the nutritional scheme.

Timbo, have you gotten to the BB diet in NHE, which is supposed to maximize muscle growth while minimizing the fat gain that typically accompanies building muscle? I have to tell you that that’s the diet I’m using, albeit a hypocaloric version. The thing I’m noticing is that my BW is barely dropping, but BF is dropping more quickly than I’ve ever seen in all my dieting days. IT WORKS!!! In other words, somehow I’m putting on LBM and dropping BF. Is that everyone’s dream or what?

So yes, it’s an interesting book, well presented, entertaining, well referenced. But the heck with all THAT. It’s the results I’m getting and the fact that it works that’s got me all excited.

Hey, KCinNYC, do what Timbo suggested, because it is/was a monumental effort to lay it all out. And from there, I’d be glad to answer any questions.

Thanks, Timbo. Great idea, to use that search button. Why didn’t I think of that? (grin)


What’s BB Diet?

Hello Tampa Terry. I’ve been following the various threads between yourself, Timbo & Ryan and quite interested in publication by Rob Faigin that alot of your’e findings seemed based on. I’ll certainly look into procuring this book, though one comment you made in this post I’d greatly appreciate you’re response on relates to carbs in conjunction with fibre. Would you care to shed some lyrical radiance on this realionship? Many thanx in advance.

Good advice on reading the Ryan thread. Answered all my questions. Thanks T-Rock

Dayum! I love it when you guys call me by my real name: T-Rock! Thanks, Colin, I feel like a million bucks again, and the Unstoppable Confidence is kickin’! By the way, Colin (aka Phatty), congrats on the fabulous progress.

Rowbie…if TT hasn’t already done so, I’d love to shed some lyrical radiance on the topic of Active Carbs. All TT is saying is that you want to maximize the amount of carbohydrate you’re taking in each day–especially when on a low-carb diet. Active carbs refer to the Total Carbohydrate content minus the Fiber content of the foodstuff. So, for instance, 150g of broccoli (fresh) provides 7.8g of total carbohydrate, 4.5g of which are fiber. Therefore, the Active Carb content is 3.3g, and that’s the amount that you should count toward your daily totals (not the 7.8g). Therefore, by eating foods high in fiber, you can eat a greater volume of food for a given amount of active carbohydrate.

Stella…It’s all about the book, baby. And the book is that by Rob Faigin, titled Natural Hormonal Enhancement.

TT…why didn’t you think of the Search button? Well, because you’re always thinking of the more involved and technical answers that are much more valuable. Somebody’s gotta do the grunt work:-) Yep, TT, I have now gotten into and beyond the BB Diet…I can literally say that I am wanting to finish the nutrition section up and start putting a plan into motion. It just makes way too much sense. Results, baby, results. 'Tis what it’s all about in this sport, TT. As my good friend JB is always quoted at the end of his e-mails as saying: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” I am extremely proud of you for being so dedicated and dialed in to your nutrition. You deserve this and much more.

So, TT, let me put the wraps on this book, put some thinking in motion, thoughts on paper, and then let’s see what we can do! I’m pretty pumped.

Many thanks T-Rock aka Timbo. I appreciate your kind offer of enlightenment concerning active carbs. The broccoli example was also useful; as I’ve been interrogating a piece of broccoli for answers to this issue for the past week, but that little fella ain’t been saying nuthin!

Where do you find a copy of Rob Faigin’s book? I searched at Amazon.com and BN.com and both said that the book’s no longer in print!!!

Stella, did you try an Internet search on Google or a similar search engine? Well, if you go to Rob’s homepage Extique I’m certain you’ll find a place to purchase it.

Stella, NHE by Faigin is WELL worth the price of admission. I can’t tell you how much it has taught me about the hormonal aspects of dieting.

It is similar to T-Dawg in the fact that it is carb restricted, but Faigin restricts carbs to a greater degree. How much depends on your goals and whether you’re using the bodybuilder (BB) version or the general population (GP) version. What I like is that Faigin gives hard numbers and precise information. Faigin also references nearly everything he says. I counted 16 pages of references (in small print) on just ONE of the chapters in his book.

A lot of the information you see me giving on the board, the numbers, how I diet, come from that book. I’ve blended a lot of T-Mag concepts (food log, P+F & P+C food combining) with his concepts. I’ve taken what Faigin’s done and put some of my own twists on things. And if you stop to think about it, how can you make subtle changes and tweak what you’re doing if you don’t understand the concepts and why something is done a certain way. That’s where Faigin excels. He doesn’t just tell you WHAT to do; he explains why and how.

My thoughts on you situation is that if you’re making progress with T-Dawg, stick with it. I know a pound or so a week is painfully slow. But if you hit a plateau or if you’re interested in how the body works and responds in a hypocaloric state, then it’s well worth purchasing.

Just an interesting side note. Faigin was just 28 or so when he wrote this book, and he refused to sell the rights to a publisher. He owns the rights to NHE to this day. NHE is only sold through his web site and through some other BB-type web sites.