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Nutrition Plan, Need Some Critique


OK so i have been reading these forums for a pretty good amount of time now and i have finally gotten serious about gaining some weight, for the past 6 weeks i have been following this meal plan and was lookin for some critique and or a 2nd opinion as to what i am doing...

scrambled egg whites
cup of instant plain non fat oatmeal

work out

post work out:
30g protein isolate

rest of the day is every 2 hours i eat:

Chicken/Tuna/Cottage Cheese/Salmon

broccoli/sweet peas/green beens

i basically have been eating enough to be not hungry every 2 hours, to my understanding if your hungry every 2 hours your loosing weight if your not your gaining



You need more fat in your diet. Add some olive oil (tablespoon or so) to your meals.


sounds easy, also ive been thinkin about taking fish oil regularly any thoughts?


I'm no pro, but as far as Fish Oil goes I'll say this! Based on the people I learned everything from, and the people who have helped me on here, they used Dan John and a few others who stress taking fish oil.

Rule of thumb based on Dan John was to keep taking more each day until you get the runs than back off a few capsules.


also would i take them with every meal or do i just take them 1 time a day?


A couple times a day, with meals.


Thanks guys appreciate the input