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Nutrition Plan Help

hey whats up new member here just looking for some input on my nutrition. My goal is just to put on more lean muscle mass, with out adding fat. I also dont want to get any leaner. Im currently 6’3 185-190lbs 7%bf. my physical activities during the week are weight lifting an hour to an hour and a half four times a week, and also and hour of pick up basketball games 3-4 times a week. Here is a what i usualy eat on a lifting day.

meal 1: lean body breakfast shake, mixed with 1 banana, 3 fish oil pills

meal 2: 1 can salmon, with 1 cup of blueberries

work out session

meal 3: post work out shake, 1 cup of syntrax nectar mixed with 2 cups of gatorade

meal 4: turkey sandwich, whole weat bread with 3 slices of turkey, 2 slices of monterey jack cheese, and an orange, 3 fish oil pills

meal 5: large bowl of Berard’s chili

meal 6: 2 cups of lowfat cottage cheese, small bowl of almonds, 3 fish oil pills

any info on adjustments i can make would be appreciated.
Nasty Nate

First off: thats a lot of cardio for a bulking diet. It can be done, except you’ll need a fuckload more calories.

On that note, you’re not eating nearly enough. Search JB’s massive eating calorie calculator to see how much you should be eating.

Also, you have your fruits in there, but no veggies. Add alot more green vegetables.

Ditto on the volume and fruits and veggies. Do like mom said, “Eat your fruit and veggies.” Nobody ever got fat on them.


If you dont think you can eat much more for the cals, you should consider getting a shake with more cals. Then again the veggies… you could try an ounce of wheat grass! That has about all the nutritional value you need from veggies for the day!