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Nutrition Plan for SS

Newb here, wondering if someone can take a look at my plan. I’ve spent the last couple weeks on break reading strength training books, more T-Nation articles than I care to count, etc. and am ready to start SS. I’m a total novice so hopefully the novice gains will materialize.

I’ve done some reading about diets too, and this is my first attempt to put one together. I’m 6’7", currently 266 on the kind of chubby side. Despite that I’m in decent cardio health and can run a 5k (in 30 minutes, which isn’t so decent after all).

I was shooting for 40%protein/30%carbs/30%fat, with around 4,000 over Kcal intake to be adjusted as I go along. I got kind of close except for fats…just hard to get them without binge-eating almonds. I’m only doing a half gallon of GOMAD.

This is my first diet attempt so I’m sure I’ve mixed and matched some wrong foods in there or something, so any help is GREATLY appreciated. As I understand it, once I hit the intermediate level in several months or go to a cutting phase, I’ll reduce the diet by alternating some items every other day instead of eating daily.

Thanks for any help; I know spreadsheets are kind of a turnoff. I’m glad to be here.

You’re counting grams of fat, you need to be counting calories from fat, protein and carbs. Which would equal out to 1240 cals from protein, 1755 cals from fat, and 1384 cals from carbs going by the totals at the bottom, with 4380 cals in all… So in reality its 40% cals from fat, 32% cals from carbs and 28% cals from protein. Hope this helps.


Man, that’s a bad way to start, eh? I’m so glad I posted here. Thanks. Jeez…

I made the same mistake when I started out too, its quite easy to do. Try keeping a log on one of these nutrition websites like fatsecret.com. It keeps track of your percentages for you.

from the man himself. great article.

an apple and a tomatoe pre workout?


Thanks. Yeah, I fixed the bef/after workout issues…I think the advice I seemed to find the most was, fat/protein before a workout, carbs/protein right after.

All right, got everything lined up! Hopefully you’ll see some bef/after pics in a few months.

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