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Nutrition Plan for Grandma


Hi, my grandma has a weight issues. Shes going on surgery with her knees (joint removal) in 6 months circa, and I cant watch her eating habits anymore. I told her Ill make her a nutrition plan so she can lose fat and so relieve a little bit of pain also. Problem is she eats mostly pastry and little protein. It came to my mind that it shouldnt be difficult to make it better. You know shes not a big eater but she cant walk well so theres no way to use excess energy.

My plan for her is here:

breakfast- usually she get cup of coffee and small yogurt (250 grams), but she dont drink coffe for caffeine so Id tell her to change it for some proteins and complex carbohydrates- glass of kefir (0,317 quart) and two spoons of oatmeal (circa 20 grams), dont want to give her milk because I dont trust it anymore (mucus producing etc.)

snack- sometimes she eats snack sometimes not, my plan for her is to have a piece of fruit ( half of apple) and small yogurt

lunch- my mum delivers her lunch every day from eating-place where is one meal at time so my only suggestion is to eat what is rich on protein, and limit what is sweet or full of carbohydrates, theres not much I can do, maybe add vegetables because there are none usually

afternoon snack- something free of carbohydrates, cheese witch vegetable salad, tomatoes, boiled eggs, ham etc., amount- e.g. one boiled egg with a tomato sprinkled with olive oil

dinner- again not much carbs, but rather fats, canned fish, fat cheese, chicken meat and this kind of stuff, also with a little bit of green things, maybe hot soup from lunch, amount- 50g of meat and and small bowl with veggies

I dont know if its necessary to count energy (doubt it). Basicall, I just swap her random meals for something what makes sense- I was led by presumption that she doesnt need much carbs but lacks micronutrients, so id also add fish oil caps and vitamins.

Another thing is that she dont eat five times a day now, but usually 3-4, do you thing she should skip a snack then?

Do you have any experience making nutrition schedule for similar person? My anxiety is if it will taste well, as shes used to different style, but I think shell have the feeling of being satisfied also. What about fats, do you think I should cut them?

Thank you.


Is she seriously overweight? That would affect how aggressive you need to be with the diet.

Anyway, she's pretty old and barely walks, so her calorie needs are going to be very small. But anything simple should work.

Reduce the calories, reduce carbs some, increase protein some, and try to cut out almost all "junk food" (sweets, heavily processed foods, etc), and that should be a good first start.

Because her calories are going to be small, I think it would be difficult to eat a lot of meals in a day. Unless that's how she's used to eating already.


She is 4,9 feet and 165 lbs. Good thing is that she has her fat stored mainly on bottom and legs. Yes I thought about meal frequency, if it is not too much, but between main meals she eats here, there, as I said, randomly, and its mainly bread or some crisps... She cant accelerate her metabolism by exercising so the only way that came up to my mind is to rise her meal frequency. Is there anything else that could work?


Buy her a nintendo wii. How old is she? Let her live happy for the remaining days of her life I say


prune juice and shuffle board


sneak some vanilla Metabolic Drive in her coffee...tell her it's creamer


meal frequency doesn't increase metabolism...it is a myth...

old people actually do better with a reduced meal frequency...i suppose it has something to do with evolution as they would have had less access to food compared to a 20yr old hunter...


Or maybe it could be that people died at around 40 years old back then.


not really dude...

there had to be some people who lived past 40, and they must have evolved to handle food(mainly protein synthesis) with a decreased frequency...