Nutrition Plan Advice - Help Please

Hi everybody. Im doing a nutrition plan to a 50 year old man. He is 1.94 cm. When we started 2 months ago he weighted 105 kg.
After 2 months he was 100.4 kg… and now went to 101.4 kg.
His bmr is around 2000kl
Tdee 2700 kl
The plan i gave him is carb back loading:

On days without power lifting (4 days a week)
No breakfast.
2,000 kal total/220 gr protin+ 100 gr. Carb on the evening

On days with power lifting (3 days a week)
2,700 kal total / 220 gr proton + 280 gr.carb ( after workout).

He gaind weight instead of loosing…
Could be alsow be cause he eat a lot at

I’m confused, is this your client and you need help on how to train him? I’m going to try and assume the best here.

He needs to stop eating at restaurants and evaluate for a week or two while actually on diet.

If he was an ectomomorph, he’d be skinny. This truly is irrelevant, which I’d assume any experienced trainer would know.

Hope you’re not charging him much.


Being 1kg up at a random weigh in is nothing and could be down to many factors, as long as the weight is generally trending downwards. Its not always linear.

As above, is he paying you?


what you tell him to do is not as important as what he did over the last 7 days.

how many calories did he eat, what were the macros?

You mention powerlifting. What kind of strength does he have? The pic isn’t very helpful. What are his best lifts?

  1. Squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Deadlift

I am of no help counting calories. I am too stupid and lazy to do that. So I have no advise there.

You best go with him when he goes out to eat. Order for him.

Man I would just be thrilled if a coach I was paying was outsourcing to a free internet forum.


This reminds me of almost every “certified” trainer I have ever encountered. I would hope they were vigorously searching anywhere for more information, because they know so little.

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Ha good point.

IMO he is carrying so much BF that I wouldn’t carb load or increase calories that much on lifting days. If it were me I would drop the cals further to say 1800 on non lifting days and 2000-2200 on lifting days with a slight increase in carbs but not 2.5x as much


agree here.

may not need to. client is eating at restaurants. we don’t know how much he is eating per day. may just need to adhere.

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Yeah that would be taking his word at current 2000 cal per day on off days. I cut at 2000-2200 myself and I have way more LBM. I agree though it needs to be in steps/stages so if not strict at 2000 start that first.

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Thank you… that helpful

I am not his trainer… only the nutrition plan…he has a trainer…
This is a profetional forum…i expected for real advice and got onley mean remarks… what a shame…

This is probably the problem… i talked to him yesterday and interegated him about what he is eating, and he is not 100% on the menu… more like 60% , but from my part i wanted to make sure my plan is good… this is what i need to know.

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  1. He is a client
  2. I ment endomorph, i will fix the post. And the body type is very relevant…
  3. I am not training him , im only coaching him on the nutrition part- he has a personal trainer
  4. I need advice about the calorie intake and the macros

Are you an RD? I would argue it’s a marker of the professionalism of this forum that we are concerned with scope of practice.


Hope your services don’t come with a large price tag.

Why is it relevant? No BMR calculation takes this into account, so TDEE is unaffected by this - unless you’ve got access to better resources/calculations than the Mifflin-St Jeor formula (which is the most accurate).

And you don’t know how to adjust his diet? The dude needs to stop fucking eating out at restaurants for 2 weeks, and actually follow the plan. WHEN HE FOLLOWS THE PLAN - you can evaluate results and adjust course if needed.

Wouldn’t be giving you a hard time if your client was following the plan AND not seeing results, but this is day 1 dieting stuff… the diet worked until he stopped following it.

Your client is not burning 700 calories on training days. Cut this number in HALF, then continue on.

Now give this poor man a refund.

^or give me his contact info so he can actually get some results for his money. I’ll charge him half of whatever you’re charging him.


THANK YOU for this!!! For real.


I know what I don’t know!


You sir, are in the very small minority here. There are WAY too many “Internet Einsteins” out there. It infuriates me when folks are out there selling “coaching” - nutrition and/or exercise related and their only qualifications are “Great at Googling”, “It worked for me”, and/or “I know a guy who…”.

Thanks so much for sticking up for the professionals in the room! :blush: