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Nutrition Partitioning for Dummies


Ok,I need help. I've read lot's of article's on diet/nutrition timing and all that goes along with how to eat. Problem is,I don't get it. When you read a workout routine it tells you what to do, how many times,the tempo, rest,percentage of 1RM and how many times a week. I understand lifting weights, but when an article says "eat complex carbs throughput the day than fast absorbing carbs during peri-workout" what exactly does that mean. What carb (food) do I eat. Oats,potatoes, i.e. vs donuts,pop tarts and carp for example kinda.

I really just wanna be told exactly what to eat or at least an example template. I know everyone is different but there has some middle ground. Squats make everyone's legs bigger and stronger, isn't there some basic food model to follow.



It means to eat fast digesting carbs but not just straight up table sugar to help prevent too much of an insulin crash in the middle of a workout.


Horsepuss, try reading ths one. I think I did a good job in explaining it: http://www.t-nation.com/supplements/what-you-dont-know-about-workout-supplementation