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Nutrition, P+F When?

Working on fat loss. All other aspects of the diet are fine, just have a question about timing with my lunch and dinner. I run 3 miles after work 3X a week to aid in fat loss, and work behind a computer all day. I like having P+C for lunch and then P+F for dinner and before bed, that way I don’t have any carbs after my 3:00 meal, BUT am I hurting myself (eating up muscle, hurting recovery) by not having carbs after a run (post workout nutrition). In other words what’s better (for fat loss with muscle retention). P+F at lunch with carbs at 6:00pm to aid recovery OR P+F after a run to minimize carbs late in the day? Thanks.

Two most important times for carbs is for breakfast and post-workout. So if your run is strenous or HIIT style, then definitely use something like Surge during and after the workout. Having P+F meals for the rest of your meals (or meals after 3 p.m. or later) is fine for fat loss. Check out some stuff John Berardi has written regarding the questions you’re asking. I think they have been addressed in his Appetite for Construction articles.