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Nutrition & Overreaching

Hi, all so I am a intermediate lvl weightlifter/Muscle builder that is now just getting back to it after 2 years off… i have got my diet, sleep, & supplements balanced figured out & undercontrol my body metrics & easily how I perform im very well considered athlete status this is my lifestyle now. So anyway I’ve always been one to push myself extra in the GYM & not exactly know exactly how much I actually have to eat to maintain & keep building. Ya I know worst combo for under recovery… See i eat all the right foods that’s no problem quality protein, & a variety of everything else i even have a strict diet in terms of eating entirely clean NO sugar, junk or fried foods… I’m just not good at math & numbers so I never tried or knew how determine the right or enough amount of calories, protein, carbs or as much of anything I needed specificly to keep building/adding quality muscle. With all that being said… oh ya i weigh about 145 about 10.3 body fat & my intentions are to start building as much lean muscle as possible moving forward My next thing is i had recently landed myself in funtoinal overreaching stage I already took 2 full rest days today is the 3rd day I feel substantially mentally & physically better i barley feel soar anymore but still slightly exhausted in terms of energy. When what signs too look for to tell if im able to hit the GYM again ?

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Do you do squats and deadlifts?

Ya just tried deadlifts for the first time the other day I maxed out at about 235 for my first time trying but even then I wasn’t even at full output because I train alot and actually recover really well just found out I wasint feeling right cuz I wasint eating enough carbs/calories/ and I cut out all pleasure foods had me stressed and emotional af lol thats what happens when you get serious about this lifestyle and your athlete status 1 thing off with diet or supps and that could be a huge determining factor in ones rate of progress… now I started eating carbs and some sugar in my coffee and I feel great and strong and more energy again but still need adjustments and to eat more but I gain muscle rapidly

Age: 22

Height: 5’8



In my opinion big heavy compounds are the difference maker between people who start making gains and the ones who stay the same.

With all other ducks in a row, work those in to the repertoire and you will see a significant difference pretty quickly.

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