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Nutrition On The Road

Does anyone here have a lot of experience with this? Every time I travel, I usually end up living on protein shakes and beef jerky. I will be traveling again soon and I need to figure out a way to maintain A LOT of healthy calories.

Any advice?



There’s an article here talking about that by Berardi… I don’t know if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but here it is…


Last trip, I brought nuts and dried fruit, canned salmon and whole wheat fig bars. I also got plenty of exercise, walking 5 to 15 miles per a day through the whole week, so that effected my food choices positively.

It really depends on one’s goals, what restaurant foods are acceptable. And what your body is accustomed too. Back then (3 weeks ago), when I was bulking, I’d eat anything. Chinese food, Mexican, etc. But I suppose you’re not like that.

So just steer toward a big piece of meat with no dressing or batter as your main course. Get vegetables, cottage cheese or fruit as your side dishes, substituting for potatoes if they’re the standard offering.

And stick to the locally-owned restaurants, as they typically use less processed foods. Chain food is nasty these days, with many of them not even cooking on site. (I swear the only thing in the kitchen of TGI Fridays or Olive Garden is a microwave!) But Ma and Pa will typically do you better.

Good luck.

Fiber cakes, lmao :). Use zip locks, package beef jerky, dried fruits, high fiber cereal, almonds, walnuts etc.

In your duffel/supplement bag carry one of those mixed apple and orange fruit bags. Carry your Greens Plus (if you use it) and Flameout in your supp bag. Also, as your are already doing carry a Metabolic Drive container with you as well as BCAA’s if you use them.

I recently came back from a few days in the mountains and in my supps bag I had everything mentioned. First thing in the morning I downed my Flameout, REZ-V, and BCAA’s, with a protein shake and an apple. On the trail I would have a MD Cookie Dough Bar and one of those Jello pudding sugar free cups for energy.

Since you are on the road and away from your regular eating habits the Flameout keeps your healthy fat intake up. The fruit and Greens Plus keeps your vitamin and other nutrients up and the BCAA’s keep you from going catabolic as easily.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for all the responses guys!