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Nutrition On Days Off

I know that after every 4 weeks or so, I should take a few days (4?) off. But what about nutrition? Should i just treat them like non-workout days? I’m cutting atm so would like to drop the cals lower if possible here.


Obviously drop the carbs and overall calories gradually since you are cutting . you will still need to keep calories high, but feedings can be less dense. Keep in mind that your protein may need to be leaner on these days if you aren’t the type that burns fat fast. Above all, kepp your protein intake high, maybe even increasing it as a substitute for the carbs you cut out.

What BIGRAGOO said, and…
make sure you keep carbs to fruits/veggies and low GI non- fruit/veggies carbs. (maybe don’t consume any non fruit/veggie carbs at all-depending on how you handle carbs, how lean your already are etc)


cool thankyou - I’ll do that.