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Nutrition on Cycle- Advice Needed

need some help on what to do next as i see myself at a crossroads and would like some advice from those whove been in my predicament. my main goal is to get the most effective and efficient results from my cycle. more specifically, my END goal is a body comp overhaul…the same as everyone else here…gain as much muscle as possible whilst losing as much fat as possible.

the problem is, i dont know where to go from here…ive put on a good solid 10 lbs in the past couple of months of LBM whilst losing 1.5" of fat from my midsection.

things have been going well enough, but ive not stalled in the past couple of weeks, and the only culprit i can think of is my diet.

ive been living a low carb style, and have been consuming 60/20/20 P/F/C of 3k cal of clean eating for the past half year. id say that was sufficient for my 5’ 10" 195 lb frame at about 15% BF. but ive been reading ALOT lately and now am at a loss of where to go from here.

should i up my carbs cause ive incorporated tren ace? should i try the anabolic diet by dipasquale? should i try low fat? i just dont know…

i am pretty sure i should definitely bulk first in order to get the most out of my cycle, but what nutrition guideline should i follow to get optimal results? heres my thoughts:

next two weeks: maintenance phase of anabolic diet
six weeks(at the end of six weeks my cycle will be tapered off): bulk using the anabolic diet
eight-twelve weeks after that(post cycle): cutting using the anabolic diet.

any advice on my plan would be appreciated. would the anabolic diet complement the cycle? or should i just keep going on with the macro ratios ive been using and just raise calories? as you can see…i am paranoid about carbs as i want as little of fat accumulation during my bulk, but if its prudent to up the carbs during a cycle, then i’d do what needs to be done.

any help/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks.