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Nutrition Misunderstanding?


OK So here is the problem : I really don't understand one big thing about nutrition
I know that for growing , you need to eat more calories than your base metabolic rate, of course adjusted for metabolism and activity level. Mine it's 2500 BMR and for growing i add 500 more.

So i eat 3000 a day. The problem , which i don't understand is : Do the calories matter where are they from AS LONG AS you have the right protein IE : 1.5 grams per pound for me ????

I mean why does it matter if its good carbs or bad carbs , good fats or bad carbs as long as i have enough protein and i have enough calories to fuel the muscle building process.
Please if you can help me , i would be highly thankful !


Everyone is different.

Find what foods and macronutrient ratios give you the best results.


To polorize your question so you can answer it yourself:

Person A) eats 1.5 grams of protein/pound of LBM on top of which he eats veggies, fruits, potatoes, rice, yams, and only allows himself 50 grams of simply sugars peri-workout.

Person B) Eats 1.5 grams of protein/pound of LBM on top of which he eats blast-o-butter popcorn, coca-cola, potato chips, and pizza rolls.

So OP, which person do you think will make the most positive progress in terms of lean body mass and health?
If your goal is strictly muscle building then eat whatever you want. If whoever you do not plan on stepping on a bodybuilding stage eat to promote health and LBM gains.


To seriously answer your question would require at least a crash course in how your body utilizes fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Do some research on your own and narrow your questioning.


Good post, bro.

I hope that I'm not shitting on your point and misinterpreting, but I'd like to add to what you've said.

To the op, you are correct in putting protein requirements first and foremost. I feel that's the basis for constructing an effective diet for those looking to improve their physique and physical performance. The exact number of grams per day is somewhat debated (i.e. 1g/lb of BW or 1.5g/lb etc) but, we can all agree that a higher intake than that followed by the average individual is definitely best. It is my understanding that protein can be a bit lower during a good caloric surplus, of which the brunt is by eating a good amount of carbohydrates. Long story short..high protein intake is definitely the first and most important step.

Now..the food choices that make up your macros, this is up for a lot of debate it seems. This is my take and I think it's in line with the poster above me: If you have a vested interest in your health and overall well-being, you should tend to fulfill your daily carb/fat macros by way of "real", whole food sources.. i.e. potatoes and other tubers, rice etc. That being said..having more processed, refined carbs have their place in the PWO period and I like to utilize this period of time by eating processed carbs/sugars like frosted flakes with my protein shake etc. I see no harm in this..

Now..putting the health aspect of the debate off to the side (which I'm not suggesting people do), there isn't much research to prove that refined carbs vs whole food carbs would make much of a physique difference, assuming that you take in the same amount of grams. This way of think is called If It Fits In Your Macros...or IIFYM... and I've experimented with this way of thinking. Assuming one does not have food allergies to certain grains or whatnot, there has been little difference in my physique between periods where I get the majority of my carbs from refined, processed sources vs whole, unprocessed sources etc.


sorry i dont understand . what does lbm stand for ?


Lean body mass


Ok thank you all guys !
So , from what i understood until now , the only difference between good carbs/fats , bad carbs/fat is a health one. I mean the effect would be on the health side , but it won't change the muscle building aspects as long as you are into the caloric and protein requirements.
Regardless , do you know some good articles or references from respected authors on this situation ?


I wouldn't make it THAT cut and dry, lol..but, basically..yes. If you are accounting for protein first and foremost, and your calories are in the correct range..

This doesn't mean to just eat donuts and protein shakes...I mean, you could do that...I personally wouldn't.


Careful Facko, this could very well be a troll job.

A rudimentary question followed by over simplification of the answers. The OP can do his own research if he needs to have proof that veggies and healthier then donuts.


hey , i thought that i was pretty clear. I KNOW that they are healthier. I was only asking if it makes a difference in body composition


Got to be healthy if you want to build muscle!




Of course it does. You need nutrients to live healthy, more so than abundance of calories. an unhealthy system is more likely to prioritise survival and maintainence of your organs than muscle growth.

IMO it really depends on the time frame of this bulk. If you ate a "shit bulking diet" 6 weeks of the year and ate very healthy the rest then the muscle gain might be as good as it gets. If however you eat like shit all the time, and then decide to up the calories of shit food for 6 weeks to bulk, youd likely just get fatter and not have as good muscle gains.

personal opinion obviously, but come on! eat healthy food and eat lots of it to Grow!!!


Easy with the caps lock, dude. Do yourself a favor and get your micronutrition in check. Much better to have good habits than to keep looking for shortcuts.


why would i get fatter and nou have as good muscle gains ? i'm asking because i am seeing ALL the powerlifters do like that. i see that they are very fat but i thought that they are eating far too many calories above their daily metabolic needs not the actual composition. if you think about it if they wouldnt have as good muscle gains they would switch to a better diet which would lead to maximum gains .


sorry is it a forum rule or smth ?


Is your caps lock button broken or is that you being forceful?

As I have already stated:
If muscle building is your sole concern then get your protein in and then eat whatever you would like to get the calories in. A lot of bodybuilders have bulked up using this method and achieved great results as far as muscle growth is concerned. Unforgettably, unless you are genetically gifted this method may lead to fat gain too. To compete as a body builder you will need to loose the fat before the show so some of your time is spent dieting back down.

Eating junk food does not inhibit muscle growth as long as your macros are in order.
^^As already stated above^^

If you have no intention of stepping on a stage for bodybuilding you are better off taking a moderate approach to lean tissue gains. This may inhibit some muscle growth but chances are you will maintain a lower body fat.

I can't make it any clearer then this.
No I will not find article to support this.


lol this is the NUTRITION forum. We assume you came here to IMPROVE your nutrition. Not to see what you can get away with!

If you just want to get as huge as an powerlifter (fat and all) do exactly what they do. Eat a shit-ton of calorie dense foods and maybe add some "supplemental" assistance for your hormones that will be fucked by such a shit diet.


"Unforgettably, unless you are genetically gifted this method may lead to fat gain too"
That is the only part that i don't understand.Aren't excess calories the ones who make you fat ? Like for a person he must indulge an extra 400 calories to promote the muscle growth but he eats 600 ? What is the corelation between junk food and fat gains ? Isn't a calorie a calorie ?
Sorry if i am being excessive but it fuckin plagues my mind