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Nutrition Labels

Does anybody know why nutrition labels don’t add up?

Look at the total amount of fat in a product.

Then add up the amount of sats, monos and polys.

The two totals often aren’t the same…

My guess would be that theya re rounding the totals either up or down wherever it will make their product look better.

For example, they may round 5.5 grams of Monusaturated fat up to 6 grams and round down 10.5 grams of total fat to 10 grams thus throwing off the totals.

I have noticed this phenomenom on peanut butter labels as well as protein bars.

Yes, there is lot of that. If I remember correctly, if something is half a gram or less is can be labeled as zero. I would assume in the case of 5.5 gms, depending on what makes them look better they will head in that direction. Some products might say zero trans fat but in “real” serving it may have 1-2 gms.

Good luck and stay diligent!

another reason is that food corporation lobbyists fought to make sure trans-fat does not have to be listed on the labels. Nice huh? your government at work for you.