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Nutrition labels

When I read a nutrition label how will I know if the food is good or bad. Under fats I am looking for low or no saturated fat. Under carbs I look for no sugar content. I know it will depend on your diet at the time (cutting or bulking) whether you can eat the food or not. What I am looking for is general purpose like if someone would ask you if this wheat bread is fine to eat when it has 3g protein, 15g carbs, and 1g fat(per slice) doesn’t look to bad. Or some chicken drumsticks with 21g protein, 0g carbs, and 16g fat for 3 pieces. I also know how a food is prepared will make a huge difference and the seasonings will matter. Like those drumsticks if they are fried or baked or drowned in BBQ sauce and grilled. I guess what I want to know is what should I be looking for when I read a nutrition label. When I look at the carbs what should it have and what should it not have. Likewise with fat and protein.
FYI- I have been reading this site for a few months now. I’ve been lifting for a few years and believed I was a hard gainer but after reading this site I learned I was just ignorant on diet. I cleaned up my diet two weeks ago. Cut out the crap like candy, soda, desserts increased my protein to 160-180(I weigh 180), began eating 6 meals a day and I actually have a food log. My goal is to increase muscle size and I believe it will be a lot easier now that I have found this site. Thanks for the info.