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Nutrition Label Help

Weight: 73 klg’s
B/f: 110

Ok I have few questions that are confusing me when it comes to the Nutrition label:

Should u avoid the sugar that is listed on the Nutrition lable? most of the fat free cheese or brown bread has about 1g to 2g of sugar, is that too much? if so then is sugar worse than fat and how much should be the limit of sugar in order not to gain any fat?

Q2: Should u worry about the calories from fat or should I just take the total fat in general since I’m not realy getting the “calories from fat” idea?

as a bodybuilder who works out lets say 1hour of weight lifting and 20 min of cardio with a clean bulking diet of 5 meals, for example. How much total fat,calories and sugar should be the limit for my weight would it be better to avoide fat completely?. I know it all depends but I’m just assuming the amount in general.

Q3: I found today a cream cheese that has all fat: 0 , calories: 30g ,sugar 1g and 4g of protein , I was shocked of how come a cream cheese has no fat at all and only 30g of calories. Any one seen such cheese with same label? would it be a good source of cheese?, although it is creemy. I was comparing it with cottage cheese and found out that cottage chease has was more calories,fat and sugar then this cream / slice cheese?, a bit confused if this stuff is good or not!!

Calories aren’t measured in grams. A calorie is a unit of energy.

For example, one gram of carbohydrates or protein has 4 calories. However, one gram of fat has 9 calories. Do you see how fat is a more concentrated form of energy?

Yeah got that thanx, but what about sugar? or any of the other questions of any one got any idea.

…most things fat-free have sugar added back in to make it taste like something.

4gms of sugar = 1 tsp. i wouldn’t sweat 1gm of sugar.

sugar are carbs (all carbs break down into sugar) - so figure any sugar consumption as part of how many carbs you are consuming.

dunno if it’s good to avoid fat totally. manipulate carbs yes, fats, i don’t think so - good fats help produce testosterone - just finished reading it on this site.

something not right on your cream cheese label - for carbs & protein: 1 gm = 4 cals.
5 total carbs in the cream cheese = 20 cals. if it says 30 on the label - where is other 10 cals coming from?

Fat should NOT be avoided…especially if you’re weightlifting. Just eat healthy forms of fat. Olive oil, avocado and nuts are all examples of food with healthy fats.

I don’t really watch my carb intake too much. As long as I’m not putting on fat I’ll eat carbs. That being said, I choose healthy choices like lentils, rye bread, whole wheat pasta, wild rice, etc. I avoid white bread, pastries and all the junk carbs/sugar.

Post what you eat in a day…that will help us better evaluate your diet.

Before breakfast:
-Amino acid


3 to 4 white eggs
serial + 3 spoons of quaker oats + one cup of skimmed milk
few nuts
if I’m still hungry then:
2 brown toast
2 slices of fat free cheese with fat free beef
after 2 hours and half:
that’s 30 mints before my workout
half sweet potato
amino acid + no-xplode

-After workout:
Whey protein shake + amino acid + glutamine+banana

-After one hour
few white rice
small fish or tuna

-After 3 hours:
Same meal as before or boiled chicken instead of fish

-After 3 hours:
almost same meal as breakfast but without the serial

-Before bed:
Whey protein + glutamine

Just to mention that I eat nuts and fruits between meals whenever I could. mostly I work twice a day so dont have that much time, this is the best I can do but would love to hear any suggestions.

Stop taking no-xplode…it’s bullshit.

Eat cottage cheese before bed instead of whey. You want a slow digesting protein then and whey is fast absorbing.

Are you making gains/progress eating like this?

I have just started bulking 2 days ago still can’t tell. I didn’t buy No-xplode just got it from a friend to give it a try. I’m just looking for a strong pre workout energy supplement, maybe super charge nitro oxide from Lapada? or Xpand!! since u dont recommend No-Xplode. What u suggest?

Doesn’t cottage cheese has to much sugar and calories?

All those nitro oxide products are complete bullshit. Don’t take any of them. It’s a scam. Here’s my suggestion, if you need a boost have some coffee. The caffeine should get you going.

Eat your cottage cheese! Why are you worried about too many calories? You’ll need all the calories you can get if you want to grow. Besides, low fat cottage cheese doesn’t have that many. Anyway, that’s how you build muscles…by consuming lots of calories. You don’t want to overdo it, but you still need to eat.

Just wanted to try a strong energy supplement that would give high energy and good pump since most of the dudes in gym use.

will stick with cottage cheese then.

lol you sound worried about sugar but doesnt most of them super duper pre workout powders like the NO products have sugar?

Seems that you may need more help than you think

[quote]alablangy wrote:
Just wanted to try a strong energy supplement that would give high energy and good pump since most of the dudes in gym use.[/quote]

Like I said, have some coffee. It sounds like if it isn’t a supplement then you don’t think it will work. The bottom line is that caffeine is a stimulant and if you need an extra little kick it can help. Personally, I don’t take any “strong energy supplement” before my workout, because I don’t feel the need. Eating a healthy, clean diet should make you feel energetic enough to workout. All that “pump” stuff is non-sense.

Also, eat more whole eggs. You need calories to gain muscle. No need to limit yourself to just egg whites and like I said fat is not your enemy. Eat omega-3 eggs.

I recommend you read the nutrition articles on this site, because you have a lot to learn.