Nutrition Label Changes

I think I remember reading an article regarding changes to nutrition labels / ingredient lists. These changes would require that companies list all ingredients in their products. For example, makers of protein bars would have to list the amounts of sugar alcohols, glycerin, etc. in the carb section of the nutrition lable - instead of hiding it in the ingredient list. Has anyone else here read an article like this and can you point me in the direction of the article? I can’t remember where I saw this.

I haven’t read any of the articles except the ones i have recieved through the metrx reps that come to the store i work at. It has to do mainly with carbs. They now have to list glycerin as a carb and before that they were leaving it out. It is now considered a non impact carb on thier labels which would be pure protein bars and protien plus bars. Optimum and Next proteins have also done the same thing.

Laz, thanks for the information.