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Nutrition Journals?

I bought the Precision Nutrition system a little while ago and I want to put it to good use.

I was thinking about starting a nutrition journal to record my progress. Mind you carrying that around with you all the time sucks.

I believe Berardi mentioned that he doesn’t advocate one and just plans out he week ahead of time.

Any suggestions, what’s worked for others to their diet online?


I’ve never liked nutrition journals, but that is just my preference.

The method I usually prefer is to figure out meals that incorporate what you want to meet your goals and then eat those specific meals.

For example:
chicken breast
mixed vegetables w/ olive oil

Then if I want to monitor my intake I’d measure a few common meals, then just track the meals and anything outside of my normal eating patterns.

Again this is my preference, but I’ve found that it helps me avoid viewing nutritional intake through a 24 hour window and rather as a meal by meal approach.

Hope this helps some.


It’s free. I have used it and like it very much. Give it a shot.