Nutrition Is My Weak Spot

I have always been active and in good shape but now I’m going for muscle tone!! I want to look like I can take care of myself and be confident. I know I need to watch what and how much I eat but I’m not really sure where to start. Also, what are good supplements for females? My trainer said he can’t give me nutrition advice. I know it’s a question with many possible answers but any help is greatly appreciated.

Eat mainly whole foods.
Veggies and protein at every meal.
Eat until just full.

This will get most people in decent shape (assuming youre training).

Thank you! People say eat small meals throughout the day, is that true? I am training but nutrition is a huge adjustment as I never had to watch it so closely before.

Order of importance:

  1. Calories
  2. Macros
  3. Timing
  4. Supplements

There’s no point having 8 meals a day if it’s too much food overall. I saw some studies on meal frequency and usually we’re talking like less than 20 calories difference per day

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WOW, all of that is really good to know and a great starting point. I’m actually better with not eating a lot of small meals. I appreciate your advice and look forward to more in the future.

Some great advice from tsantos. Another tip that has helped me keep my weight where I want it is to think of having to “earn your carbs”. I used to fill up on carbs whether I was active or docile throughout the day. I now tend to structure my higher carb days and meals around my highest energy exerting workouts. I suppose this is a little bit more fine tuning rather than general tips, but just something to keep in mind as it aided in my fat loss efforts.

Thank you for that great advice too!! I know it sounds like something simple but I never thought of it before. I need to gauge it off of my daily activity. Which I count throwing 300 square bales of hay part of my workout lol. Your advice and any other thoughts are always appreciated. As I said I am new at trying to tone more and watching my eating habits!

Something that has helped me is one of those food apps. It can help you keep track of everything.

Awesome, thank you! Any specific one? I am all for using apps but there are many to choose from.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for awhile, and it seems to do the trick!

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I’ll check that one out. It’s easy to find apps and information online… the hard part is weeding out all of the junk ones. I wasted a lot of time researching but now am very thankful to be part of this website! I’m also happy everyone is willing to help.

I use MyPlate calorie tracker. And yes, there are too many to choose from so I just picked one. It breaks down the macros for you. Good luck!

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