Nutrition Info: Yams

I usually use to figure out how many grams of P, C, and F there are in a type of food… And for yams, the only way to figure it out it “cubed, per cups”. Anyone know of another site, (or from your knowledge) what is the macronutrient breakdown and calories of a 1 lb yam. Yeah, thats a bigass yam.


Use yam as the search word.

[quote]tall tom wrote:

Use yam as the search word.[/quote]


That says 127g of carbs for a one lb yam… Is that right? If it is I’m gonna have one a day. haha

I was surprised when I found out there was 127g in a 16oz yam too. I switched over to butternut squash. I can’t tell the difference and there’s about 48g of carbs and plenty of fiber per 16oz :slight_smile: