Nutrition Info Requested

I’m looking for a little information about how many carbs/protein/fats are in certain foods.

I’ve been lifting for 8 months and currently following CW’s ABBH programs. I’ve gained some wieght and added quite a bit of poundage to my lifts but I think my diet needs to be tweeked. I’ve read about the C+P and C+F meals try to eat clean most of the time but I would like to disect more details about what I’m eating. For example when I eat salmon with a batter or whole wheat pasta with lean ground beef in it or put brown sugar on my oatmeal what numbers of carbs/fat/protein am I comsuming. I gain wieght easily on my torso but my arms and legs have always been skinny. I’m 5’9" and 185 but still feel small. My goal is to put on quite a bit of lean muscle mass.


It’s free, and has a very good database of foods.

I find this one pretty good when I am looking for a food item i have no labels for:

hope it helps

Buy a carb counter book and youll have a PCF ratio in there.

Much easier to keep these in the kitchen,

im assuming you get the little “Collins Gem” books in the states?


WWW.CALORIEKING.COM for calories and fat calories of any kind of food…huuuuge database…enjoy