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Nutrition & Indigo-3G - New User


Starting Indigo-3G in a week. Here is my current plan on training days which are 3x a week.

9:00am breakfast- Protein, 1/2 apple, 2 tbsp pb Cals370/Pro30/Carb25/F17.5
12:00 Lunch Chix/veg/avacado Cals 400/Pro40/Carb25/F15
3:00pmPre workout 1.5cups oats, Metabolic Drive Cals570/Pro37/Carb85/F10.5
3:45pm : Take Indigo-3G
4:00pm Train and sip Surge Workout Fuel Cals290/Carb50
5:30pm Post workout 1 cup oats 1 scoop whey Cals420/Pro32/Carb58/F7.5
7:00pm ish Dinner Cals700/Pro50/Carb80/F15

Ballpark totals Cals2650/Pro190/Carb320/F65

Does the timing/quantities/macros look right?

I will be having potatoes and rice etc as the alternate carbs for dinner/peri workout.


If you care to make a quick trip over to our Biotest new forums, we have an entire subforum devoted to Indigo-3G users.

Enjoy the ride!