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Nutrition Ideas

I was just wondering if someone can help me out with some nutrition planning. My problem is I eat good all day but at night I’m always starving. 5/6 outta 7 days I’m in the gym from 9am-11am with 4 days cardio. Then usually work 12pm-9pm. Just needed some ideas for spreading meals out and what to have other than the usual post workout shake. Lately meals are oatmeal for breakfast b4 gym then shake after then a meal at 4pm ish. But after that meal I’m either starving around 8 so I just go home and feast. Any thoughts about foods and times to help? 6’5" tall, 249lbs with 12% body fat tryin to drop to 235-240 and maintain strength. Any help is appreciated.

First off, an estimate of your daily macros would help… but typically you’re starving because you’re not eating enough quality foods. So, technically you’re not eating “good”. You’ll need to up calorie intake.

With the post w/o shake, maybe throw in a chicken breast and sweet potatoes, or lean cut of beef/pork/etc with some brown rice. For meals later in the evening focus on fibrous vegetables and protein sources. Some salmon and broccoli/asparagus or maybe some eggs w/ ground turkey and refried beans…

All the meals i’ve listed can be prepared ahead of time if you are in a time crunch. I typically spend a majority of my Sundays prepping food for the week. I find “shakes” are not filling AT ALL, unless you load them up with oats, berries, yogurt, etc… I try and eat as much WHOLE foods as i can, for they keep me fuller longer, a basic principle really. There are lots of articles/forums/info throughout this website. good luck

For me I’m going to be hungry on most diets, it’s a result of eating less.

Caffein, non-starchy vegs and finding things to do - help with hunger pangs.

Can you layout how you eat now?

I’d say a shake like you’re doing and then a meal an hour later if possible. If no time, then a second shake and carry a bag of cashew/dates (get the pitted kind if you can find em cheaply enough). I get 3# dates for about $8 at costco. good price on cashews there too. If you front load the food, you’ll end up eating the same, but earlier in the day closer to your post workout window, if you believe in the post workout fairy.