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Nutrition = I Hate It

I suck at eating correctly. I know nutrition is the main key to getting HYOOOOOGE. I want to get HYOOOOGE and I have the lifting part down, lifting seriously for a year and getting some alright results, I need to key in the nutrition, can anyone help me out with some articles? Anything?

Those are two post workout articles you should read.
Use the search button at the top and search ‘nutrition’ or a stickey at the top about nutrition.

If you hate nutrition then you will never reach your physique goals. I suggest you do more research and make it a part of your daily life.

simplify ~ once you get bored, add a new dish ~

Protein + Veggies + Carbs

Water + Sleep + Exercise + Nutrition [ EATING ]

John Berardi - look up his nutrition articles.

I recommend The Anabolic Diet


But really, the stickies at the top of the beginners forum have mass-diets indexed in them. Have you read the stickies first?