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I was wondering if someone could give me a sample massive eating daily food schedule that I could modify? I'm looking for something that's fairly quick and easy to cook.

Total calorie intake required: 5040


I dunno I maybe misunderstanding what your looking for but doesn't JB give an example in this article?



well i dunno if this will help but this is generally what i eat everyday....

Meal 1
5-6 egg, cheese, ham omelet
2 peices of toast with peanut butter

meal 2
some oatmeal and Grow! shake with a naner or some kinda fruit

meal 3
tuna, turkey, or chicken and some fruit or veggies

meal 4
usually like a ham sandwhich or soemthin that i can find and fruit or veggies

meal 5
turkey burger, cheeseburger, or chicken, whatever im in the mood for
meal before bed
some cottage cheese, pb sandwhich and a Grow! shake

hope thatll help ya out a lil bit


Sorry for the confusion. I was just looking for some people's massive eating daily meals. I'm looking for stuff that's pretty easy to make. I would like to follow the same eating schedule 7 days a week with the same meal choices (just to make it easier to keep up).

Thanks for the responses