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I have some questions that I really hope gets some answers,
because I`m confused.

  1. First off, in general I have been following a diet lower on the carb side for some time. I did this mostly because I sure as hell thought
    I had really bad tolerance for carbs. Well, after a pretty sedentary year
    with lots of bad carbs, and no really significant fat gain, I am starting
    to think I may not be that carbintolerant after all.
    So I was just wondering:

Is there any way of finding out for sure if you are carb tolerant?

Im saying this because I just started a diet for fatloss, and during the first three days I had really bad hunger pangs, a constant headache and was always hungry and thirsty. And bam! On wednesday after my PWO carbs, I felt perfectly fine again. I know this can also happen if my body hasnt adapted to burning fat.

It would be nice if someone could give me some input on this.

[quote]kafari wrote:

Is there any way of finding out for sure if you are carb tolerant?


Yes, eat a bunch of carbs before bed, if you gain in muscle and not fat you insulin sensitive, your body handles carbs well and you are a lucky man.

You can find out through experimentation – and you clearly found out your answer. You should probably keep carbs in your diet, just lower your calories. Try 40-30-30 (carbs-pro-fat) and see if you can keep losing weight.

Talk to a Poliquin Biosigsignature qualified trainer as they can take specific readings telling you how carb tolerant you are.

For example the supra-illiac is a sign of insulin levels so a high reading here would show elevated levels meaning you could be pre-diabetic. The subscapularis shows your genetic profile and this will also give an indication of how carb tolerant you are.

Thank you for the answers,great!

Anyways, I think I will try a diet a little higher in carbs, but mostly from good veggies and PWO nutrition. If it gets better I am a happy man.

And about the Biosignature stuff, I live in Norway so I`ll have to find something here that is similar.