Nutrition Gurus (another peanut questio.)

I just recently read a post stating that peanut can mess with your thyriod functions.(if I could find the post I would ask them but I can’t) Would some one please tell me if there is any truth to this seeing how I eat peanut butter just about everyday.
Thank you.

DarkAngel, there’s probably a little something wrong with just about everything we eat. In general I’d say that you get the greatest benefit from the foods you eat with the least downsides when you eat a variety of foods and eat them in moderation.

Excessive consumption of peanuts CAN interfere with normal thyroid function, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless it has been determined that you have hypothyroidism or a condition called “sporadic goiter,” in which case you might want to consider eating peanuts in moderation or eliminating it entirely.

Other foods that are known to suppress the manufacture of thyroid hormone by interfering with your thyroid’s ability to process iodide are soybeans, rutabagas, cabbage, peaches and spinach. Drugs such as iodides, propylthiouracil and phenylbutazone may have the same effect.

Bottom line? Don’t worry 'bout it unless you’re diagnosed with a thyroid problem.

Thanks for the replys yall.

Terry glad to see someone else thinks along the same lines as me. Everything in moderation is best. If you go overboard on anything it can lead to various problems. This goes for nutrition and training!

You’re not kidding, PGA. Heck, everything we love seems to be suspect: PROTEIN itself, canned tuna, coffee and now peanuts. (sigh)

It’s also worth noting that the goitrogens in those foods are inactivated when the foods are cooked. Most peanuts are roasted before being made into peanut butter.

And it’s true that all foods have something “bad.” For example, foods high in oxalic acid include dark green veggies, sweet potatoes, almonds, tea, and other “healthy” foods. Oxalic acid is an anti-nutrient that irritates tissues and contributes to kidney stones. If you tried to avoid every food containing a compound with potentially harmful effects, you’d be eating nothing at all.

Everything is bad for us and every 5 years or so something else is found to be really harmful. This year and the past year was/is High Fructose Corn Syrup. But I do believe this is one of the really bad boys. But then again its in pretty much everything so it makes you wonder how those people that were/are in great shape years ago that weren’t really on a “no grain” type of diet got really ripped and muscular. So this brings us back to everything in moderation and some overboards (veggies, protein) seems to be the best. The variation keep your body thinking and keeps it evolving.

awsome so as long as most of the nuts I eat are roasted my thyroid should be fine. Thanks a lot all.