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Nutrition Guideline

Hey guys,

so i´m cutting at the moment, and am around 12% bf. After that i want to start gaining lean muscle mass. Sadly, i´ve never been that lean and vascular guy even though i ate always very clean and strict. So i want to try to keep my form that i got now also while “bulking” (wrong word here, i´m not looking for eating crap and getting fat).

I thought about sticking to the following rules:

Training days:

  1. carbs+protein
  2. protein+fats
  3. protein+fats
  4. (pre wo. meal) carbs+protein
  5. pwo shake: 30g whey, 50g dextro
  6. (post wo. meal). carbs+protein

sleeping time

Non-training days:

  1. carbs+protein
  2. protein+fats
  3. protein+fats
  4. protein+fats
  5. protein+fats
  6. protein+fats

What do you think? All the food is going to be clean: lean protein, low GI carbs (except the dextro after training) and good fats.

Should i maybe cut the carbs on non-training days completely, so also no carbs in meal 1?

Thanks, really appreciate your help!

By the way: Weighing only 181lbs at the moment, started my diet with ~200lbs and 15-16% BF